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How to Protect Your Jetta from Gainesville’s Summer Heat


While you’re busy keeping yourself cool this summer, don’t forget about your beloved Jetta! Humans can take advantage of shorts, t-shirts, and air conditioning, but your Jetta is always in its birthday suit and can’t apply its own sunscreen. You’ve got to help it out! Here are some ideas to help protect your car from the blistering Gainesville heat and Florida humidity.


Staying Cool on the Road

If you’re in the Lake City or Ocala areas, it’s a good idea to visit our VW of Gainesville dealers and maintenance team to prepare your car for summer. To help prevent your car from overheating while you’re driving, we can check under the hood to ensure all connections are secure and that there are no cracks in your radiator hoses. Heat can wreak havoc on a car battery, so we can test it and clean it, as well. We’ll also take a look at your radiator fan and perform a coolant flush if necessary.

Keep an eye on your temperature gauge while on the road; if it gets too hot, pull over, open the hood, and let the engine cool down. Usually, this is enough to get you back on the road, but you should schedule a visit with one of our VW mechanics to make sure something more serious isn’t contributing to the overheating.

Summer is also a fine time to double-check that your air conditioner is running flawlessly! If the cool air just isn’t cutting it like it used to, swing by for an inspection and complete AC recharge. Often times some refrigerant and a new AC hose are all it takes to keep your Jetta cool.


Staying Cool While Parked

Interior surfaces of your car are exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time—and they can get hotter than 195 degrees! Of course, if you can park your car in the shade or a garage, that’s a great way to prevent your cabin from turning into an active volcano. But that’s not always possible, especially at work or when out shopping and running errands around Lake City, FL. (Competition for those parking spots under the trees is fierce!)

Luckily, there are a variety of VW Jetta accessories you can use or install to protect your car from the hot sun.

  • Sunshield: After hours in the sun, your steering wheel might be too hot to touch. This windshield cover helps your dash and steering wheel keep cool. Sunshields will also help prevent discoloration of your dash, seats, and steering wheel that the sun can cause over time. When you get back in the car, simply roll the cover up and store it in the back (the 2017 VW Jetta has 15.7 cubic feet of trunk space).
  • Magnetic Pop-In Sunshades: These go in your back windows (the rear windshield and side windows) to keep seats cooler and prevent discoloration. The magnetic feature means you don’t need any tools or fasteners for installation or removal. Just pop them in and go about your day, knowing your car won’t be lava-hot when you return. They also help keep UV and light away from your kiddos’ faces.
  • Car Cover: Covers protect both the exterior and interior, preventing fading on the paint job, seats and dash. As a bonus, this also protects the exterior from flying dirt and debris that can gradually wear away at the paint. There are a variety of covers available to protect your specific Jetta model, so ask our expert VW techs about ordering the ideal one.
  • Tinted Windows: Adding a splash of tint to your windows offers that extra sun protection on the road and in the parking lot.
  • Blankets: Tossing a blanket over your seat or steering wheel is better than nothing. This DIY fix doesn’t offer the protection of a sunshield or a car cover, but it will work until you get your cover ordered at VW of Gainesville!
  • Wet Wipes: Wiping down your seat or steering wheel before you get in will help cool it down slightly. It doesn’t protect against long-term heat damage, but it will save you some discomfort in the heat of the moment (sorry for the pun).

If your Jetta could use a cool facelift, come to VW of Gainesville. Our service center and parts department can order and install all of these authentic VW accessories on your new or used Jetta.

The Coolest Summer VW Deals in All of Gainesville!

You deserve to be cool even in the face of 100-degree temperatures. So why not visit our VW dealers to find a scorching hot deal on your perfect new Volkswagen or used car? Check out our specials on the new Jetta, or browse our current used cars for sale for a real bargain.


Contact VW of Gainesville at (352) 578-2554 to discover all your financing and leasing options, or for more tips on how to keep your car cool this summer. When you’re looking for a VW Jetta for sale, come to our premier new and used car dealers serving Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, Middleburg, Alachua, and the surrounding area. We’d love to see you staying cool in a Volkswagen this summer.


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