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How To Easily Make 10 Hilarious Halloween Costumes


Halloween can be scary if you’re fresh out of ideas for creative new costumes. Sure, it’s tempting to run down to your favorite big box store in Gainesville and pick out the standard pirate/witch/superhero/vampire/ghost/zombie costume that everybody else will be wearing. Come on. You can do better than that. So why not try a unique twist on Halloween this year?

We’ve come up with our top 10 hilarious Halloween costumes gathered from the spooky netherworld of the Internet. Each of these funny costumes is easy to make and quite clever, too.

  1. Jellybean Costume – All this costume needs is a clear plastic trash bag and some balloons. Cut holes for your arms and legs, tie the top with a ribbon and write a “nutrition label” on the back. A real sweet idea.

Image: Modern Kiddo; Source:

  1. Olympic Athletes – An American flag, swimmer’s cap, USA-themed swimwear, and lots of gold medals. Or young girls can dress up in red, white, or blue one-piece leotards. Grab a red, white, or blue tank top and pin Olympic name and number on the front. “The Fierce Five:” Five sets of matching USA sweats/leotards, five gold medals, and four of your best friends to dress up and go with you.

Image: pintrest/

  1. Jellyfish – All you need is a white umbrella, a white outfit, and lots of white yarn.

Image: Instagram/angiwen

  1. Snapchat Ghost – All it takes is a white bed sheet and a black marker or black electrical tape.

Image: Michael Clinard/

  1. “I’ve Been Framed!” – An empty picture frame. Your head. Duh.

Image: Instagram/clorist

  1. Tinder Profile – Shirt, red and green construction paper, scissors, and a very pouty, yet sexy, look. Swipe left or right? You decide.


  1. A-Dell – A Dell Computer sign and the phrase: “Hello…I’m A-Dell.” (Please do not sing.)

Image: Instagram/andrewballoon

  1. Nudist On Strike – A hand-lettered “Nudist On Strike” sign. Clothes. You. That’s it.

Image: Instagram/asalas_213

  1. A Chipolte Burrito – Lots of tin foil, black marker, and tissue paper. Yum!


  1. Florida Gator – Take a large piece of green cardboard, a couple of white cups for eyes, and wear a green long-sleeved shirt and pants.

Image: Instagram/Jessica Louise Dye

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Happy Halloween!

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