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DIY Tailgating Tricks, Tips & Lifehacks You Can’t Live Without


Word around Roanoke, VA is that football season is underway. After months of off-season boredom, you’re probably ready to get your head in the game, but are you also prepared to be your team’s tailgating superstar? Here are a few unique tailgate ideas to help you make your next party a winner.BBQ

Sage, Rosemary & Dryer Lint

Simon and Garfunkel wouldn’t have made it in the folk world had they followed this advice. If you’re building a campfire for your overnight tailgate party, toss these three essentials into the fire to keep the mosquitos at bay. Rosemary and sage are natural insect repellants, and dryer lint works remarkably well as a fire starter.

Hang a Balloon from Your Car

If you get to the stadium early to set up—as any good tailgater should—hang a helium balloon from your side-view mirror. It’ll let your buddies and family know where you are amidst the throng of other football fans.

BBQ Hack

Laundry Detergent Washing Station

Empty a large laundry detergent container—preferably by using the detergent to wash your clothes, but we’re not your mom—and fill it with clean water. Wrap a couple of bungee cords around and latch it to a standard paper towel holder. Voila! A hand-washing station you can be proud of.

Use Your Cooler to Keep Food Warm

Like a Thermos, a cooler is an insulator, which means that it insulates both warm and cold temperatures. If you bring an extra cooler, some aluminum foil, and bricks or stones, you’ll have a side-oven to keep hot dogs, hamburgers, and ribs sufficiently warmed. Just line the cooler and wrap the bricks with aluminum foil, heat the bricks over a grill or campfire, then line them on the bottom of the cooler. Nifty, huh?

Fitted Sheets as Tablecloths

Toss aside those flimsy plastic tablecloths that float away with the slightest gust of wind; replace it with a fitted sheet. Brilliant, huh? A standard tailgating table usually handles a twin- or full-size sheet well, but you’ll need to measure and test it out before heading to the party. When you get back home, just add some stain remover and toss it in the wash!

Car Door Bottle Opener

While we never, ever condone the drinking of alcohol with the use of a vehicle, we can let this little tailgating lifehack slide. If you’re ever without a bottle opener at a tailgate event, turn to your car’s door. Just watch the brief video above. Automotive engineers must have had this in mind when they designed this door-latch system, right?

6-Pack Hot Sauces

Turn that 6-pack beer holder into a container for condiments, utensils, napkins, and other tailgating necessities. Don’t forget the hot sauce—gotta have the hot sauce.

Frozen Water Bottles

Knock out two birds with one stone by freezing your water bottles overnight. Not only do they act as ice packs in the cooler, but they also become magical portals to Hydrationville once melted. This tailgating trick can (and should) even be helpful on those long road trips in your Volvo.

Hang a Shoe Organizer on Your Hatchback

If you’ve got a hatchback, save table space by popping open the cargo door and hanging a trusty shoe organizer on it. Store everything from grilling tongs to spatulas and utensils to condiments here for easy access and a clutter-free tailgate experience. Don’t have a hatchback? Come get one at our Volvo dealership near Salem, VA! We stock tons of used vehicles and a wide variety of new Volvo hatchbacks, including the V60 and V90. If you can’t bear being a truck owner, a sporty wagon is the next best thing for your tailgate parties.

Bask in the glory of tailgate season, and be sure to visit our Roanoke car dealership if you need a ride to get to home or away games. Contact us at (540) 344-6284 or visitBerglund Volvo Cars of Roanoke at 5000 Franklin Rd to test drive any of our new Volvo vehicles or used cars for sale.


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