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May 2, 2016
by admin

5 Unforgettable Mother’s Day Activities near Newton, New Jersey

The bond between a mother and her children transcends words. The amount of love and care that a mother gives to raise her children into fully functioning members of society is unquantifiable. From changing dirty diapers to cleaning scrapes and cuts to staying up late until her children get home safe from a night out, there is very little that a mother wouldn’t do for her child.

mothers day newton

One day a year (two if you count birthdays) is all that our society has decided to take to honor the many sacrifices that mothers make for their children. It isn’t enough, but even if they dedicated 100 days out of the year to mothers, it still wouldn’t be enough to repay mothers for all that they do. They don’t ask for much in return, but this Mother’s Day, show your mom how much you really appreciate her.

We here at Toyota World of Newton, one of the premier new Toyota dealers in Newton, New Jersey have compiled this list of the top 5 unforgettable Mother’s day activities to do in the Newton area, so that you can treat your mom to the type of joy and comfort that she deserves on her special day! Continue Reading →

April 18, 2016
by admin

Leasing vs. Buying, Which Fits your Lifestyle?

Deciding on whether to buy or lease your next vehicle depends on personal preference. Choosing to lease or buy can take time, especially if you do not know the pros and cons between the two. However, Toyota World of Newton is here to help educate you on the differences between leasing and buying a car so that you know which option fits your lifestyle best.

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March 14, 2016
by admin

Meet The New 2016 Toyota RAV4 Crossover

Born for adventure and designed for tomorrow, the new 2016 Toyota RAV4 Crossover for sale in New Jersey at your hometown Newton, NJ Toyota dealer, Toyota World of Newton, is ready to take your lifestyle wherever you need it to go.

Bold New Style

The new 2016 RAV4’s bold, brash styling exemplifies its youthful, go-anywhere attitude. It shouts “let’s play!” with a verve that anticipates the fun that lies ahead. The RAV4’s chiseled, athletic exterior sheetmetal is not only more aerodynamic but also captures a muscular and aggressive stance. According to John Voelcker of, “The new front face of the 2016 RAV4 is a more visible departure. It has thin, wrapped back headlight units, a slit-like opening between a large central badge and the lights, and then a small, thin opening above the bumper line, with most of the cooling air entering through a large and aggressive trapezoidal opening beneath that in the shape of a protective shield that gives it more of an underbite than ever.”

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February 12, 2016
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Battle Royal: Hybrid vs. Plug-In vs. Gas

As a country, we have entered into a new era of driving. Gone are the days of gas guzzlers and metal death traps on wheels. These days, people want vehicles that are as socially and environmentally conscious as they are. What that translates to is a huge uptick in safety features and alternative fuel options. Gas powered vehicles are still widely popular and dominate the marketplace, but more and more we are beginning to see hybrid and electric vehicles on the road.

The gas powered vehicles have been enhanced to become more fuel efficient, but they may never catch up to the incredible fuel economy offered by hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. With so many options to choose from, buying a car has only gotten more complicated. Fortunately for you, we here at Toyota World of Newton have put together this list of pros and cons for each type of vehicle so that you can make an informed decision when buying your next car.

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January 8, 2016
by admin

New 2016 Toyota Avalon Combines Luxury & Performance

Your local Newton, NJ new and used car Toyota dealership, Toyota World of Newton, shines the spotlight on the stunning and luxurious new 2016 Toyota Avalon 4-door sedan.

As the flagship of the Toyota lineup, the new 2016 Avalon sprints ahead of the competition in the increasingly competitive full-size luxury sedan market with sleek new sheetmetal that features a new aggressive front grille, slender new available LED headlights, standard new smoked LED taillights, chrome-tipped dual exhaust, and available 18-inch sports alloy wheels accented in dark gray.


An Exterior That Stands Out

Marty Padgett, an automotive editor with, says, “In 2013, the Avalon stepped out of its rut and took a more shapely form, one with more visual distance from the Camry. The swoopy roofline, flared-out rear fenders, and the laid-back rear glass gave it presence where there was none to be had in previous generations. That all remains in place for 2016, with some tweaks and adjustments here and there. This year, the Avalon’s grille grows larger, turning down the corners of its mouth to add some oomph to the front end.” Continue Reading →