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NAIAS 2018: Toyota Rumors & Agenda


Toyota always has something to excite the senses come January, whether it’s a new concept car or innovative piece of technology. With the 2018 Detroit Auto Show on the horizon—it runs from January 13th through the 28th—we’re sure the Japanese-based automaker won’t disappoint. Here’s what you can expect from Toyota once the NAIAS agenda is finalized.

NAIAS 2018- Toyota Rumors - Agenda

New Toyota Avalon Unveiling

The big news for Toyota will be their unveiling of a fifth-gen Avalon. While not as exciting as an announcement of the much-anticipated Supra—next year, please?—the 2019 Toyota Avalon is alluring in its own way. Spy shots showcase the Avalon’s sport-inspired front bumper, which is bracketed by “Y-bone” Daytime Running Lights and side ducts. We’d guess that a punchy V6 will sit under the hood, and it’ll be mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. It’s also possible probable that the new Avalon will boast a Hybrid version.

Although this is the sole image Toyota released, it’ll give you an idea of what to expect when the Avalon is shown at the 2018 NAIAS:

2019 Avalon Sneak Peak

Per Toyota, the 2019 Avalon will take the NAIAS stage on Monday, January 15th, at 1:00 PM.

Another Toyota SUV in the Works?

The last half of 2017 saw three “urban crossovers” come out of the Toyota woodwork, with the latest concept being the FT-AC (the other two were the FT-4X and TJ Cruiser). Does the Japanese automaker have another trick up their sleeve for the 2018 NAIAS, or is the new Avalon their pièce de résistance? All bets are off the table when it comes to Toyota SUVs.

Still, there’s a ton to like about this slew of new crossovers under the Toyota name. For example, the FT-AC has “take me on an adventure” written all over it. Its torque-vectoring AWD system should keep it shoulder-to-shoulder with Jeep. The removable cargo roof rack and rails provide versatility that competes with models like the Tahoe. And infrared cameras and high-end safety equipment put it right in line with Honda.

Should another cousin to the FT-AC peek its head out come January, we wouldn’t be surprised—in fact, we’d be excited.

Toyota’s Future in Concept

Models like the autonomous Toyota concept-I (seen here) probably won’t be seeing the light of day at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, but that doesn’t mean Toyota doesn’t have some other neat-o thingies to show off! For more updates about Toyota and the NAIAS schedule overall, check out their official Twitter account.

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