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How to Prepare Your Car for a Summer Road Trip


The tunes on the radio. Your hand making waves through the wind. Fast food receipts littering the floor. There’s nothing as freeing or exciting as a summer road trip! But nothing can kill that joy quicker than car trouble. Before you hit the highway this season, make sure you and your vehicle are road-trip ready. Here are a few tips to help you prep for your summer’s travels.


Make your car exciting.

A road trip is thrilling—for the first hour or so. After that, it seems like the radio stations only play five songs, and you’ve never realized how flat the land is. Your destination is a dream, so you can’t cancel the trip just because of the drive, can you?



Consider installing “exciting” new accessories. For example, Toyota vehicles can be installed with amazing accessories to help you fight boredom. Currently, Toyota is featuring a universal tablet holder, which is great if you’re heading out this summer with smaller kids who 100% need entertainment in pixelated form.

Other genuine Toyota accessories include an automatic starter to help cool your car long before you have to sit in it. And we can order and install any of your soon-to-be favorite add-ons through our Toyota World of Newton parts department.

Keep the car cool.

Aside from installing a remote engine starter, you can also take the manual route with cabin cooling; in fact, rolling down the windows when you’re driving along the coastal highways is heavenly. But other parts of the country aren’t as peaceful. Before you leave for your road trip, make sure to have a certified mechanic inspect and recharge your AC. This AC service can be done at our Newton service center along with your routine oil change.


To further help you and your passengers stay cool, pack a cooler with ice and cold drinks or treats. It’s important to stay hydrated, and it’s always smart to have extra water on hand in case of an emergency. Cold treats can include Otter Pops, vegetable sticks or chilled fruits. Applesauce and dark chocolates are also good picks.

Perform all car maintenance.

To prep for a road trip, make sure your car is mechanically sound. Take it into your local dealership or trusted repair shop for a tune-up and a pre-trip inspection, and tell the technicians to check that your vehicle’s fluids are full (oil, transmission, brakes, power steering, coolant and wiper fluid). Make sure your brakes and all your lights are properly working. Check your tire tread and determine if any tires (including your spare) have signs of extreme wear; if they are worn down, consider buying a new set of high-quality name-brand tires from our Newton tire center. Don’t forget to make sure all your tires (the spare too) are properly inflated. This ensures that they wear more evenly, last longer, and save you money at the gas station.

Don’t forget these in-car items.

Make sure you don’t forget these essentials: paper towels, snacks, water, pillows, a blanket, a designated garbage bin, and entertainment. If you’ve got some newbie road-trippers or a passenger who gets motion sickness, it’s also handy to keep Dramamine pills in the car, lest you want to be stopping at a car wash to clean up you know what.


The following items are important in case your car suffers any mechanical failure. Keep a strong jack and tire iron in your trunk; consider upgrading from the stock hardware to make it simpler for you to change a flat tire. Also, keep jumper cables or a charged jump starter and a bright flashlight. And when in doubt, never leave home without duct tape—it’s essentially an all-trick pony when it comes to quick patch-up repairs.

Are you prepped for a road trip yet? 

If this sounds like a lot to remember, don’t worry! As your local Toyota dealership, our dealers will ensure that you have a sound vehicle to get on your way. Offering everything from new authentic Toyota accessories and complete vehicle maintenance to AC recharge service and brand-new Toyota models, our Toyota World of Newton dealership is here to help you all throughout the summer—and beyond.

Contact us at (973) 459-4442 to schedule service and prep your car for the road trip of a lifetime. We are conveniently located at 66 Hampton House Rd in Newton, NJ, and serve the entire region, including Sparta, Lafayette Township, and Hampton Township.


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