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March 14, 2017
by admin

2017 Toyota Camry Vs. Honda Accord

When you’re in the market for a reliable sedan, the choice often comes down to Camry vs. Accord. This means getting to know the performance, the stylish features, as well as the various trim levels that you have to choose from. At Toyota World of Lakewood, we’d like to show you why the 2017 Camry is the sedan you should choose.

2017 Toyota Camry – Photo:

2017 Toyota Camry – Photo:

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February 14, 2017
by admin

2017 Tundra VS 2017 F-150: Which Is Best?


Ford is looking over its shoulders these days because the new 2017 Toyota Tundra is giving its F-150 pickup a serious run for its money. In fact, the Tundra pulls out ahead of the F-150 in several key categories, and that’s sure to give the folks over at Ford fits.

So just how does the new 2017 Toyota Tundra for sale near Lakewood, NJ at Toyota World of Lakewood stack up against the F-150? Let’s find out. For our comparison, we selected the 2017 Tundra 4X4 CrewMax Platinum, which goes up against the comparably equipped and priced Ford F-150 Supercrew 4X4 King Ranch model. Continue Reading →

January 12, 2017
by admin

2017 Prius Prime Plugs Into the Fuel-Efficient Future

Elon Musk must be getting a few migraines these days when he surveys the competitive landscape and discovers how many automakers are jumping on the electric vehicle (EV) bandwagon.

2017 Prius Prime

2017 Prius Prime Advanced with optional equipment. Production model may vary. Photo:

What must be giving Mr. Musk and Tesla team fits is the ingenious new 2017 Prius Prime for sale near Lakewood, NJ at Toyota World of Lakewood. Toyota’s first plug-in hybrid lets you drive one of the most advanced hybrid/electric vehicles on the planet for thousands of dollars less than a Tesla.

You’ll also avoid the inevitable “range-anxiety” most owners of all-electric vehicles feel thanks to the Prius Prime’s ability to function in either all-electric or hybrid mode. So you won’t have to worry about finding a charging station halfway between Here and There to juice up your all-electric jalopy. Continue Reading →

December 13, 2016
by admin

How To Save Money, Have More Fun & Drive Safer In 2017

It’s a New Year and with it comes to that inevitable list of 2017 New Year’s Resolutions. It’s pretty easy to make a lot of well-intentioned resolutions, but the hard part comes in keeping them. Here at your hometown Toyota new car dealership near Lakewood, NJ, Toyota World of Lakewood, we came up with a list of New Year’s Resolutions that are easy to keep if you happen to own a Toyota.

2017 Toyota Yaris

Thrifty Toyota Yaris Photo:

Resolve To Save Money At The Pump

Toyota will help you achieve this worthy 2017 resolution with an award-winning lineup of thrifty and fuel-efficient 2017 Toyotas engineered to save money at the pump. Take the new 2017 Toyota Yaris, for example. With a low starting MSRP of just $15,250, the 2017 Toyota Yaris 3-door L model is not only inexpensive to own but great on gas. The Yaris’s peppy 1.5-liter, 4-cylinder engine delivers an excellent EPA-estimated* 30 mpg city/36 mpg highway. The Yaris’s chic Euro-styled exterior, sporty interior, tech-savvy features, versatility, and playful attitude are icing on the cake. Continue Reading →

November 7, 2016
by admin

Learn About The 2017 50th Anniversary Corolla

The legendary Toyota Corolla is celebrating 50 years as one of the most popular and successful 4-door sedans in automotive history. To celebrate this remarkable half-century milestone, Toyota has created a unique, exciting, and exhilarating 2017 50th Anniversary Special Edition Corolla that looks like no other Corolla on the road.



Let’s find out about what makes this new 50th Anniversary Corolla so unique.

Distinctive Styling

With fresh, athletic, and sporty new styling, the 2017 Toyota Corolla turns everyone’s idea of what a compact to mid-size 4-door sedan should look like on its head. The redesigned front end is bold and authoritative, with a large, blacked-out lower fascia, available LED running lights and a wide stance. Continue Reading →

October 10, 2016
by admin

How To Know If You Should Lease A Toyota

Leasing Overview

If you’re in the market for new Toyotas for sale near Lakewood, NJ, one of the things you may be thinking about is financing your new Toyota. A popular financing option for car buyers is leasing a vehicle. So today, we’re going to focus on the benefits, and some of the drawbacks, of leasing a new 2016 Toyota from our Toyota new car dealership in Lakewood, NJ. Continue Reading →

September 12, 2016
by admin

A Look at the Adventurous 2016 Toyota RAV4

If you have an adventuresome spirit, of if you need a vehicle that can handle your fast-paced, and always-connected lifestyle, then the bold, versatile, and exciting new 2016 RAV4 SUV from Toyota World of Lakewood may be a perfect choice.

Youthful Exterior Vibe

The 2016 RAV4’s fresh and youthful appearance complements this fun-loving crossover SUV’s sporty and exuberant driving experience. The dynamic exterior features a wide stance, a more rakish front end with sloping, chiseled hood. Bold wheel arches and new side lower outer panels call attention to your choice of several distinctive 17-inch and 18-inch sport wheels.

2016 Toyota RAV4


Available LED headlights, taillights, and daytime running lights along with available integrated fog lights are positively brilliant.  A rear spoiler with integrated high mounted LED brake light and an available silver-plated rear bumper accent are just some of the many artful touches that make the RAV4 a stylish head-turner from your driveway to the highway. Continue Reading →

August 15, 2016
by admin

How To Learn About Toyota’s Hybrid/Electric Technology

“Hybrids and Plug-Ins and Gas, oh my!” When it comes to the latest 21st Century automotive powerplants we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. Although we wouldn’t be surprised if the great and powerful Wizard of Oz himself was very impressed with the remarkable advancements in automotive hybrid, plug-in, and gasoline engine technology on the road today.


For many years, Toyota has been at the forefront of cutting-edge hybrid technology. The automaker also builds some of the most sophisticated gasoline-powered engines on the market. But with all this new environmentally friendly technology, it may be a bit confusing to understand the differences between these three types of engine technologies, as well as their unique benefits.

Let’s take a look at these three different types of car engines, starting first with hybrids. Continue Reading →

July 14, 2016
by admin

Introducing The Impressive New 2017 Camry

When it comes to playing “King of the Hill,” the Toyota Camry always seems to come out on top, besting such rivals as the Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima, Ford Fusion, Mazda6, Chevy Malibu, and Nissan Altima year after year.

It’s not surprising then that with so many contenders, the U.S. midsize market is one of the most hotly contested automotive sub-markets. Nevertheless, while these other players have lots to offer in their own right, the Camry still rises to the top, leaving many of these worthy contenders in the dust.


The reasons for this dominance are many. Style, creature comforts, performance, fuel efficiency, technology, and legendary Toyota reliability make the Camry sought after by families, empty nesters, and upwardly mobile young adults. No wonder it continually ranks as America’s best-selling midsize sedan year after year. Continue Reading →

June 20, 2016
by admin

The 2016 Toyota Avalon Offers Luxury For Less

Sometimes it’s hard to put a price on luxury, especially when it comes to cars. There are so many luxury sports sedans to choose from with most of them coming with a hefty price tag. At a starting MSRP of just $32,650, the stunning, beautifully appointed, and superbly engineered 2016 Toyota Avalon for sale at Toyota World of Lakewood may fly under the radar of shoppers considering pricier models from Infiniti, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Lexus.


Beautifully Styled

The 2016 Toyota Avalon proves that you don’t have to mortgage the house and dip into your kid’s college fund to drive an exceptional luxury vehicle that gives you all you can ask for and so much more. As Toyota’s “flagship,” the Avalon kicks everything up a notch with a sleek and aerodynamic look that features artfully sculpted curves and lines that give it a contemporary and graceful appearance. A bold new Chrome-accented front grille, available LED headlights, daytime running lights and taillights, optional 18-inch sport alloy wheels, and dual exhausts give the Avalon an unmistakable dimension of refined power that is both understated, yet purposeful. Continue Reading →