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An Essential Guide to Miami Tailgating with Your Honda Ridgeline


It’s almost football season in Miami—what a time to be alive! As you’re eagerly awaiting the first home game for your Miami Dolphins or Tampa Buccaneers, why not start planning your tailgating events? There are plenty of opportunities for tailgating this season—and the Honda Ridgeline, which was named the North American Truck of the Year, is the perfect vehicle for those pigskin parties. If you want to make the most of your Honda Ridgeline this football season, make sure you’re familiar with all its truly innovative features.


Tailgating Features You’ll Love

The Honda Ridgeline comes with plenty of great features that will make your tailgating experience even more enjoyable. You might even become a rock star in the Miami tailgating community!

Truck bed power outlet: There are tons of uses for a power outlet in the bed of your truck! Consider your ability to:

  • Hook up a slow cooker that will allow you to keep dips, meatballs, or hot dogs warm all day long
  • Add an extra electric grill or smoker to the mix
  • Crank up the music with an additional speaker or subwoofer
  • Hook up a fan to keep everyone cool
  • Turn the bed into a makeshift theater

Hidden in-bed trunk and cooler: You don’t have to haul along a separate cooler to enjoy your favorite brews and snacks! Toss in your favorite drinks, then simply pop open the trunk to bring one out. You can even use your in-bed trunk (and its 7.3 cu. ft. of space) to store extra equipment to help make your Miami tailgating party even more exciting. As a cooler, the built-in drain plug makes it a snap to empty out melted ice (aka water) before you head home after marking a “W” in the win-loss column.

Truck bed audio: When you want to use your radio to play music or catch pre-game commentary, it doesn’t help you if the sound is trapped inside the cabin! With the Honda Ridgeline, you can listen to everything and anything by blasting audio straight to the truck bed. What could be better?

Dual hinge bed door: The dual hinge bed door on the Ridgeline opens from the side and from the top, offering you extraordinary convenience and easy access to the bed itself.

Towing capacity: While the Ridgeline might not be designed to tow like its full-size brethren, it’s ideal for tailgating situations. If you’re pulling a light load, like a trailer or fifth-wheel up to 2 tons, the Ridgeline is up to the challenge (and then some)!


Making the Most of Your Truck

Whether you’re tailgating at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium or cheering the kids at their peewee game, try these tailgating tips to get more enjoyment out of your Ridgeline.

  • Plan your menu ahead of time based on how long you’ll be at the field. Do you have time for a slow cooker to prepare your meal? If so, making use of that bed outlet could simplify your life.
  • Place drinks and food in separate coolers, especially if you have a large spread to put out. This will prevent food from ending up too warm as you, your family, and your friends open the cooler throughout the day.
  • Bring along the right supplies: duct tape, hand sanitizer, and permanent markers don’t take up a lot of space, but they do solve a lot of problems! You should also make sure that your jumper cables stay in the truck; even if you can rely on your Ridgeline, other drivers might not be so lucky.
  • Do your food prep and pack nonperishable items the night before the game so that you can get the best spot!

Having the right truck can make a big difference in your tailgating experience–and the Honda Ridgeline is the perfect companion to bring along on game day. If you’re looking for a local Honda dealer who can help you find the right truck to maximize your tailgating parties, visit South Motors Honda at 16165 South Dixie Hwy in Miami, FL. In addition to the 2017 Ridgeline (and the upcoming 2018 model), we also have a variety of Honda specials to help you save money on a new Honda, as well as hundreds of quality used cars for sale in Miami.



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