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7 Essential Tips to Cool Down Your CR-V This Summer


It’s official: Summer’s here! But just because the temperatures here in Miami are heating up doesn’t mean your Honda CR-V has to follow suit. With a little planning, proper auto maintenance, and the right CR-V accessories, you and your SUV BFF can stay cool all summer long.


Get an AC Recharge

If you’ve been driving your Honda for several years, you might notice the air conditioning doesn’t kick on like it used to. Sometimes simply replacing the air filter can help; otherwise, schedule an appointment for an AC inspection and recharge from our Miami service department.

Use a Sunshade

Simply covering your windshield with a sunshade can keep your dash from fading and the steering wheel from getting too hot to touch. Consider picking one up at our Miami Honda dealership while you shop for CR-V accessories to customize your ride.


Tint Your Windows

Keeping the Florida window tinting laws in mind, you can darken your windows a bit to give your interior a little ongoing protection.

Blow the Hot Air Down & Out

When you get in your CR-V, you may feel the need to blast the AC right on your face. To cool down your SUV more efficiently, roll down the windows and blast the AC through the bottom vents for a few minutes. Once you get that hot air out, close the windows, open your upper vents, and drive on.

Wipe Down the Seat and Steering Wheel

If your seat, seat belt, and steering wheel are too hot to touch, wipe them down with a wet rag or wipe. (Keep a package of wet wipes in your glove box for this purpose.)


Park in the Shade!

Parking under a leafy tree is an obvious way to keep the cabin cool, right? However, sometimes we’re so conditioned to look for the closest parking spot that we don’t think to find the shaded part of the lot. That longer walk is worth it to help protect your car from the heat.

Have a Summer Tune-Up

It’s always a great idea to perform routine maintenance before summer begins. Visit your trusted mechanic to get your vehicle checked, and ask them to perform the following maintenance services on your CR-V:

  • Make sure there are no cracks or leaks in your hoses
  • Check that the radiator is functioning at its best
  • Test and replace the battery
  • Change the oil and filter
  • Inspect coolant levels or perform a coolant flush if necessary

To help you get ready for the Miami summer, bring your CR-V into South Motors Honda! The service technicians at our new and used car dealership can repair your air conditioning and install accessories to help your vehicle beat the heat.

But if your car simply can’t deal with the heat, even with some of our tried-and-true techniques and services, South Motors Honda will help you find an amazing deal on a brand new CR-V, Pilot, Accord, or another new Honda model. We’ve also got a great selection of certified pre-owned Hondas for sale that will cool you down for many summers to come.

Contact our Honda dealers in Miami today or visit us at 16165 South Dixie Hwy. For more than 60 years, we’ve been connecting Miami drivers with their ideal vehicles, and we’d love to do the same for you.





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