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Resolve to Drive Safely in 2017 from South Motors Honda


Happy New Year to you from your friendly Honda Dealership in Miami, FL!  With every New Year comes a promise to make a New Year’s resolution. Whether yours is to eat healthier, join a gym, or travel more, we hope you are able to stick with your resolution throughout the year. At South Motors Honda, we believe you can add one more very important New Year’s resolution to your list that will not only benefit you, but also everybody around you.

This 2017, along with any other New Year’s resolutions or promises you may have, resolve to be a safer driver in 2017. Driving safety is of upmost importance so while you are driving to the gym in the New Year or driving to spend time with old friends, remember these helpful tips to help aid you in being a safer driver this year.


Focus on the Road

Focus Your Attention. Although this may seem like an arbitrary tip, it is the most important piece of advice we can give you. While driving, you must be focused on the road and this is increasingly becoming harder to do with cell phone alerts, music apps, and advanced technology that is accessible right at your fingertips.

It is a good reminder to always put your phone down or on “do not disturb” mode because you do not want to get distracted by texts, calls, and notifications when you should be focusing on the road. Also, be aware of what drivers around you are doing. If a driver in front of you suddenly slams on the breaks, you should be at least three seconds of following distance between your car and theirs. By minimizing distractions, you minimize your chances of getting in an accident so always focus your attention on the road while driving.


Slow Down

Our next tip to help you resolve to be a safer driver is simply, don’t speed. We’ve all been in the stressful situations where we are late to a show, meeting, work, school, etc. and the temptation to speed kicks in. However, speed limits are enforced for everyone’s safety and it is imperative to follow them.

In the New Year, if you catch yourself going over the speed limit remind yourself to slow down and that everything will be okay. It is also helpful to plan ahead. For example, if you know traffic is heavy in the morning or that a particular light takes a while to change, plan ahead for these expectations so the urge to speed is less and this will therefore, help make you a safer and more relaxed driver.

Take Care of Your Vehicle

Just as you will take care of yourself in the New Year by striving to stay healthy or creating more time for activities you enjoy, you also need to take care of your vehicle. Upholding vehicle maintenance is a large part of what it means to be a safe and trustworthy driver. You should follow a vehicle maintenance calendar and conduct frequent check-ups on essential components of your vehicle such as the brakes, tires, fluids, and lights.

To get more information about what a vehicle maintenance calendar entails, check out our South Motors Honda blog about it here.

Click It or Ticket!

It has been proven over and over that seat belts are the best protection to prevent injuries and save your life in the event of a car crash. It is not a hard task to simply buckle up, it’s the law! Even if you are driving somewhere close by such as in your neighborhood or down the street to the grocery store, you must put your seat belt on regardless of the distance traveled.

Wearing your seat belt is one of the first things you learn as a child when in the car, and although it is easy to think you don’t need it- just buckle up. To be secure in your car and a law-abiding driver, buckle up and you are already instantly much more of a safer driver.


Don’t Drive Drowsy

At South Motors Honda we know, the New Year is a busy one! With the hustle and bustle of going back to work after the holiday break, taking down decorations, and getting a jump start on your New Year resolutions, it is easy to become tired. However, the time to sleep and rest is not while you are driving. Being a drowsy driver increases your risk of veering off of the road and getting in an accident. It is a scary thought to think of driving while your eyes can barely stay open.

Therefore, this New Year if you acknowledge that you are very tired or if you know you’ve had a long day, there are other solutions. You can always call a friend or family member and ask them to drive you, call a Taxi or Uber, drink some coffee, or stop at a rest area to take a break. Most importantly, make sure you receive a full eight hours of sleep to help avoid drowsy driving in the best way by getting a complete night’s sleep to recharge your body for all of the exciting plans you have in your new year!

Resolve to Save More at South Motors Honda

At South Motors Honda, our New Year’s resolution is to continue to help you save money when it comes to shopping at your local Honda car dealership in Miami, FL, South Motors Honda. The 2016 year was a fantastic year for South Motors Honda as we celebrated our 60th anniversary and all of our truly dedicated customers like you! As 2017 approaches, we are committed to making this year even better than the last, and to us, that starts with great savings.

You do not want to miss out on the many money-saving Honda factory incentives that will save you money in the New Year. We are also offering some great deals starting with our “Happy Honda Days” special where you can get a top-quality new Honda vehicle for an exclusive price!

Drive into 2017 with the Honda vehicle of your dreams, and at South Motors Honda we will be more than happy to help you achieve this. Visit us today at 16165 South Dixie Hwy Miami, FL 33157. Or call us at (855) 871-9400.


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