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March 1, 2017
by admin

5 Tips on Spring Cleaning Your Car

At South Motors Honda, we know the ins and outs of cars. As spring breaks on the scene here in Miami, we’d like to show you some car cleaning tips so that you can strut your stuff down Miami Beach. Read on, and you’ll find yourself daydreaming about cleaning your car until it glistens in the spring sun.

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1. Auto Detailing from the Inside Out

Cleaning your car starts with the interior.

  • First, grab a plastic bag and pick up loose change, old receipts, and moldy french fries. Send those suckers to the trash.
  • Remove front and rear car mats. Run a vacuum over them as well as the floors and seats. Use attachments to get into hard-to-reach areas underneath the seats as well as in cup holders and door compartments. Vacuum the trunk, too.
  • With a steam cleaner, pick up caked-on gunk and stains from the carpets and car mats. You can also use a hard-bristle brush, warm water, and dish soap to clean the car mats.
  • For cars with a noticeable bit of “stank,” add baking soda to the newly washed floor. Let the baking soda dry, then go over it with a vacuum.
  • If you have some unsightly stains, try one of these DIY auto detailing tips:
    • Coffee stains – Mix 1 part white vinegar, 3 parts water, and a few drops of dish soap. Lightly scrub with a clean cloth, and then blot dry.
    • Blood stains – Apply a paste of baking soda and water, let it sit, and then gently wipe off with a damp cloth. You can also use hydrogen peroxide, but be careful with delicate areas.
    • Ink stains – Spurts of hairspray can help lift ink out of cloth fabric. Just dry with a white cloth when done to avoid color transfers.

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February 1, 2017
by admin

Planning Your Valentine’s Day Date Night in Miami

Miami is always packed with action, the energy from millions of people like the city’s pulse. But this Valentine’s Day, that pulse will be short two beats, because the evening is solely about you and your sweetheart. Here are some ideas that’ll turn your Valentine’s Day in Miami into an out-of-this-world intimate affair.


Couple’s Mani-Pedi & Spa Day

Beautifying phalanges isn’t just an activity reserved for ladies’ nights. This Valentine’s Day, set aside a few hours with your sweetie and let your pretty little toes and fingers unwind. Visit one of Miami’s best nail salons, such as Luv, and both of you can enjoy a Mani-Pedi that will make your cuticles look as good as ever. Continue Reading →

January 1, 2017
by admin

Resolve to Drive Safely in 2017 from South Motors Honda

Happy New Year to you from your friendly Honda Dealership in Miami, FL!  With every New Year comes a promise to make a New Year’s resolution. Whether yours is to eat healthier, join a gym, or travel more, we hope you are able to stick with your resolution throughout the year. At South Motors Honda, we believe you can add one more very important New Year’s resolution to your list that will not only benefit you, but also everybody around you.

This 2017, along with any other New Year’s resolutions or promises you may have, resolve to be a safer driver in 2017. Driving safety is of upmost importance so while you are driving to the gym in the New Year or driving to spend time with old friends, remember these helpful tips to help aid you in being a safer driver this year.

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December 1, 2016
by admin

Enjoyable Miami New Year’s Eve Celebrations for All

3…2…1… Happy New Year! Celebrate these past twelve months and join your premier Honda dealership in Miami, FL, South Motors Honda, by ringing in the New Year with us! The best is yet to come and there is no better way to start the New Year than celebrating at some of Miami’s best New Year’s Eve parties. With activities for all ages, check out some of South Motors Honda’s finest recommendations to pop the champagne, dance all night, and kiss the one you love at midnight to welcome 2017 in Miami, FL.


Rec Room 2017 New Year’s Eve

On New Year’s Eve, make your way over to the Rec Room at The Gale Hotel for their grand New Year’s Eve Bash. Radiating a glamourous and glitzy NYE celebration, the Rec Room lounge will be packed with people excited to celebrate and countdown as the ball drops. The party starts at 8:00 p.m. and there will be a live DJ performance and open bar to keep you movin’ and groovin’ all the way until 5:00 a.m. when it is time to get some rest for the exciting year ahead. The earlier you book your tickets, the better price you will get, so book today to confirm your party night at the Rec Room Lounge this New Year’s Eve!

Fireworks on Miami Beach

New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be celebrated in a nightclub or with a DJ blasting music all night, it can be just as fun by seeing a fireworks show over the ocean in Miami’s South Beach. Your kids are more than welcome to attend and even better the fireworks show is free! Get the family together for a spectacular fireworks show right in your backyard for an affordable and fun way to spend your New Year’s Eve.

Fontainebleau’s 2017 Beach Party

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November 2, 2016
by admin

South Motors Honda Top 10 Items to Keep in Your Roadside Safety Kit

At South Motors Honda, your go-to Honda dealership in Miami, FL our motto “Be Smart. Drive South.” is particularly important to us because we always want you to be smart and safe on the road. However, accidents are unpredictable, and in the moment when you find yourself pulled over on the side of the road, having a prepared roadside safety kit could be everything you need.

Roadside Safety Tips

Building Your Roadside Safety Kit

Below is the South Motors Honda checklist of the top 10 items to keep in your roadside safety kit. We recommend having each of these items in your car so that no matter what the conditions are, you are always prepared. Having something as simple as a flashlight or duct tape could make all the difference, and creating your roadside safety kit is an easy task. Here are the top 10 items you should start with: Continue Reading →

October 1, 2016
by admin

A Peek at the Upcoming 2017 Honda CR-V SUV

The new Honda CR-V is on the verge of revealing its 2017 model, and at South Motors Honda, we’re ready to welcome America’s best-selling SUV into our lineup. In fact, our Miami dealership is more than ready to begin what will be another long and beautiful relationship with America’s crossover sweetheart.

Although details are sketchy, here’s what you might expect from the 2017 CR-V when it’s released.


Redesign or Badge Job?

The 2017 Honda CR-V is set to be a completely redesigned model, but we’d bet this crossover won’t deviate from its past award-winning characteristics, such as a roomy interior, exceptional fuel economy, and practical style. Continue Reading →

September 1, 2016
by admin

Meet The Car of The Year: The 2016 Honda Civic

When it comes to compact cars, there are tons of safe, reliable, and technologically advanced vehicles to choose from – how will you ever decide on one? Picking a car can certainly be an overwhelming task, and at South Motors Honda we understand you want the best vehicle for your lifestyle needs. We are not here to tell you that choosing your new ride will be a piece of cake, however, as your preferred Honda Dealership in Miami, FL, we can tell you that the new 2016 Honda Civic will take your breath away.


2016 Honda Civic: Seriously Compact, Seriously Awesome

Seriously, this compact car has it all. After ten generations of Honda Civics on the roads, the 2016 Civic updates have made this car brand new and here to please. The perfect combination of a practical, efficient, and sleek car, we believe after learning more about the 2016 Honda Civic your decision making process will be much easier than you expected. Continue Reading →

August 1, 2016
by admin

Important Car Seat Safety Tips to Keep Your Children Safe

At South Motors Honda, we believe your car is much more than your means of transportation. Your car may drive a countless amount of miles and hold a myriad of grocery bags, but most importantly, your car holds your family.

The month of September is National Baby Safety Month, and here at South Motors Honda, your preferred Miami, FL Honda dealership, we understand that your baby is the most precious cargo of all time.

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July 1, 2016
by admin

Top 5 Reasons Drivers Love Honda

At South Motors Honda, we do not use the L-word lightly, so when we say Honda drivers LOVE their experience with Honda, we mean it. Similar to how a little kid loves a shiny new toy, when you get inside your shiny Honda for the first time, we guarantee you will fall in love.

Whether you recognize the excellent safety ratings, superior quality, modern design, or affordability, we want your heart to skip a beat when looking at a Honda. We also cannot ignore the fact that Honda has earned multiple awards – speaking volumes about these vehicles as a whole.

At South Motors Honda, your preferred Honda dealership in Miami, Florida, we agree there are many reasons why drivers love their Honda vehicles ranging from safety to affordability, so we compiled a list of our top five reasons drivers love Honda just for you.

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