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The New BMW X-Series Models: Built to Impress


For decades BMW has been the leader in innovation and blazed their own trails with little help from imitators. With the new 2016 BMW X-Series models, BMW has once again reinvented the wheel and engineered a lineup of luxury vehicles that will stand on their own for years to come.


Experience the New BMW X-Series Lineup at South Motors BMW

At South Motors BMW, we’re proud to offer an extensive inventory of new BMWs, and ultimately open the doorway to new adventures for our customers in Miami and the surrounding Florida region. If you’re ready to conquer the roads and explore a new way of life, call us at (855) 861-1519 or visit our Miami BMW dealership at 16215 South Dixie Highway to get face-to-face with one of our new BMW X-Series models.

Meet the BMW X1 SAV

SUVs—ahem, SAVs—like the BMW X1 don’t come out of a box. They’re not copy-paste vehicles that rouse yawns when they zoom past. They’re something else entirely—something special.


Positioned as the most compact BMW SAV in the X-Series lineup, the X1 comes available in two trims: the sDrive 28i and xDrive 28i. Each model offers incredible passenger and cargo space, exceptional style inside and out, and was awarded a Top Safety Pick+ nod.

Drivers and passengers alike will be hard-pressed to find a fault from inside the cabin. Even a sole fray stitch would be a surprising discovery. Rear seating offers a boundless amount of stretching room, which is perfect for your boundlessly energetic kiddos. Max cargo space is more than impressive at nearly 60 cubic feet, and with storage areas built into the floor, you’d have to do some heavy-duty moving to feel over-encumbered in the X1. With features like a heads-up display, touch-sensitive iDrive controller, and other optional technology packages, the BMW X1 is no stranger to innovation.

Check out our inventory of X1 SAVs online, and visit our BMW dealership in Miami to take a test drive.

BMW X3 SAV: Pure Power & Precision

A step up from its X1 sibling, the BMW X3 feels like a profoundly different SAV. It’s both practical and powerful, serving a dual purpose of head-turner and dynamo—and it’s one of our favorites at South Motors BMW.


The X3 comes in four models: the sDrive 28i, xDrive28i, xDrive35i, and xDrive28d. The differences may not be eye-opening at first glance, but once the engine purrs to life and accelerates down the Miami highway, you’ll know. The 28i models come with the standard yet mighty 2.0L inline-4 engine, which produces an invigorated roar thanks to its 240 horsepower.

The 35i is equipped with BMW’s 3.0-liter 6-cylinder powerhouse that runs effortlessly thanks to a high-precision direct-fuel injection intake. Pumping out a punchy 300 horsepower, this TwinPower Turbo engine is music to the ears.

The BMW X3 28d model holds a unique surprise under its hood: a 4-cylinder TwinPower Turbo diesel engine that generates a precise 180 ponies and 280 lb-ft of torque. BMW Advanced Diesel Technology pushes the X3 into “super-green” territory, giving drivers a reason to take joyrides once again.

View our selection of BMW X3 SAVs and find love at first sight.

The Unique BMW X4 Sports Activity Coupe

The BMW X4 was engineered to be a statement-maker. Marrying the sexy stylings of a coupe with the impeccable design of an SUV, the X4 will certainly start a conversation. Once you’re inside, however, silence is golden. Whether rounding the corners in the standard xDrive28i or upgraded M40i, you’ll come to realize why the BMW brand is known for its precise steering and incredible handling.


Low-to-the-ground seating puts you front and center of the action as you accelerate to 60 mph in seconds flat—the M40i’s 6-cylinder engine will do that to a person with its max output of 355 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque. Ride quality has never been better than inside the X4 thanks in large part to BMW’s exquisite all-wheel drive system and performance control. With access to manual paddle shifters that are integrated into the steering wheel, driving an X4 is tantamount to driving a race car, only more spacious and technology-filled.

Don’t take our word for it; view the X4 sports activity coupe online, and come to South Motors BMW to take one for a spin around Miami.

BMW X5 SAV: The Ideal in Efficiency & Style

Now in its third generation, the BMW X5 is more mature and ready for additional responsibilities. With the xDrive40e (iPerformance) model acting like the adult in the room, BMW has just about redefined “fuel-efficient.” Flaunting an EPA-estimated rating of 56 MPGe, this upper-level trim of the X5 is a breath of fresh air—literally. Best yet is its impressive 308-horsepower engine, meaning getting from zero to sixty is as effortless as cutting into a stick of butter.


Interior comforts aren’t lacking, either, as they often do with so-called “green” vehicles. In the rear seats, passengers will have every opportunity to zonk out thanks to 3-inch padding lining the seats. Family members both young and old will find the available 10.2-inch LCD screens tantamount to Heaven on Earth. The 40/20/40 fold-down seats convert cargo space to a max of 76.7 cubic feet, and an optional third-row seating arrangement offers extended passenger volume.

For those tech-driven drivers (and passengers), the X5 SAV will be your new best friend. A Wi-Fi hotspot and wireless charging bay are available in higher-tier packages, as is the Bang & Olufsen 16-speaker sound system. Turn any errand into a field trip, we say.

Browse our online selection of BMW X5 models, including the xDrive50i, BMW’s supreme ruler in the SAV segment.

A Look at the Flawless BMW X6

Whether or not you believe in fate, the BMW X6 is undoubtedly destined to go down in the history books as one of the studliest models in BMW’s extensive lineup. It has style that’s unmatched, offers features unheard of, and isn’t afraid to let its V-8 engine sound a mighty yawp.


The X6 is agile around corners, and its self-leveling air suspension never forces passengers to grip onto the door handles. It’s also power-hungry on straightaways, punishing the road with its aggressive 445-horsepower TwinPower Turbo, which can be felt in the sole of your shoe but never in your fingertips.

Like a magnet for eyes, the coupe-like roofline of the X6 is one of a kind and not the least bit subtle in its presentation. Inside the coupe-SUV is a standard Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster that bursts with color and glows with delight when you feed it what it wants—more power—in certain driving modes. Surround View provides birds-eye sight all around the X6, and technology like Parking Assistant will make you envious of teenage drivers who won’t ever have to showcase their terrible parallel-parking skills. 20-way seats, such as Nappa leather, and bi-color combos like Cognac/Black and Fineline wood trims are also available.

Make your own destiny and enjoy the view from inside a new BMW X6 sports activity coupe.

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