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From Brats to Beer: Your Guide to Oktoberfest 2017 in Anaheim, CA


Autumn quickly approaches, and with it comes the much-anticipated Oktoberfest! For those of you in and around Anaheim, there are multiple ways to celebrate and participate in this German tradition. Let’s dive into the logistics so you can prepare your own dive into the beer gardens and all-you-can-eat brat bars.


When is Oktoberfest?

The official German Oktoberfest begins on September 16th and ends on October 3rd. As for Oktoberfest in the United States, the dates depend on the festival. This year’s Anaheim Oktoberfest events will run from mid-to-late September through the end of October. Check out these great festivals in the nearby California area, and be sure to head to our new and used car dealership in Buena Park if you need a vehicle to get you there.

Best Places to Celebrate Oktoberfest

The Old World: Since 1977, Old World in Huntington Beach has been known as the biggest Oktoberfest celebration in Orange County. This year, their schedule of fun runs from September 10th through October 29th. They offer authentic Bavarian food—their brats were voted “Best Bratwurst” in California—and serve up imported German beers, German bands, and a host of other games and competitions.

On their menu, right beside the bratwurst and sauerkraut, is German potato salad, apple strudel, and an assortment of beers like Warsteiner, Spaten, Hofbrau Original, Franziskaner, and the Kostritzer Dunkel. (Try saying those five times fast.)

Wednesday and Thursday night festivities are free, but there is a cover charge for celebrations on Friday and Saturday. They also offer Kinderfest on Sundays so families and kids can take part in the celebration, as well!


The Phoenix Club: The Phoenix Club sits in the heart of Anaheim and has been celebrating Oktoberfest for more than 55 years! This year they will offer lots of Oktoberfest fun each weekend from September 22nd through October 29th.

Some of the unique fun at the Phoenix Club includes:

  • Kickoff Parade
  • Bavarian Bands
  • Schuhplattler (a traditional Bavarian courtship dance)
  • Daily Oom Pah Pah Bands
  • Polkas and Prosts (German Toasts)
  • Beer Tent and German Food
  • Beer Drinking and Sausage Eating Contests
  • Bounce House
  • Pony, Train, Fire Engine, and Hay Rides for Kids
  • Sunday Brunch (10am – 2pm)
  • Dachshund Races (every Sunday at 3pm)

Admission for the general public is $10 and hours vary by day, so be sure and check their website for more details.

Anaheim Brewery: The Anaheim Brewery has been celebrating Oktoberfest for the past 6 years, with 2017’s events taking place on October 7th and October 14th (both Saturdays). They’ve even put their own personal twist on celebrating the Germain holiday with their Alpenhorn Blast activity. The Alpenhorn is a long, thin horn used by mountain dwellers of the Alps and shepherds to call for cattle or sheep. The Anaheim Brewery uses it to signal the start of their Schuhplattler dance.


Tips to Make the Most out of Oktoberfest

With so much fun to be had, it’s easy to get carried away at Oktoberfest. Here a few rules of thumb to make Oktoberfest a positive experience.

  • Pace Yourself – Whether you’re celebrating for one night or all month, think of Oktoberfest as a marathon, not a sprint. There will be an overload of enticing foods and beers to choose from, but you don’t want to overdo it on either one. Let’s not end the night – or begin the next morning – sick and hungover.
  • Hydrate – Remember, there are other beverages available besides beer! To prevent dehydration and keep your beer intake reasonable, alternate with something non-alcoholic. We’ve heard that water is an excellent choice.
  • Plan to Spend (Not Too Much) – Depending on the festival you choose, there will be a plethora of places to spend your money. To make sure you don’t break the bank at Oktoberfest, give yourself a spending limit. Only take so much cash, and when your reserves run out, so too will you—right out of the festival.
  • Use the Buddy System – Go with a friend (or two or three). Large groups are difficult to maintain, but always make sure you have a friend with you for safety and accountability.
  • Never Drink and Drive – If you plan to indulge in the wide selection of German beers, have a plan to get home. Choose a designated driver, prepare to have someone pick you up, or call for a ride-share. At Simpson Buick GMC, we never condone drunk or tipsy driving, and neither should you!

Oktoberfest is a great way to celebrate autumn, beer, and the great German heritage. While you’re in the area, please take the time to stop by Simpson Buick GMC in Buena Park, CA. We offer an excellent selection of new vehicles and pre-owned cars for sale near Anaheim, and you’ll surely find an equally excellent discount when browsing our local car deals.


Contact us at (714) 690-6200 or visit our Buena Park GMC dealership at 6600 Auto Center Drive to buy or lease a new car and make your Oktoberfest truly special!



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