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Introducing The All-New 2016 Mazda3 From Rick Case Mazda




Introducing The All-New Mazda3

Never before has your daily commute been this fun. All you need is one test drive of all-new 2016 Mazda3 to know that Mazda’s 2016 lineup packs a punch. Pushing out an impressive 184 horsepower while also earning up to 40 highway miles per gallon, the Mazda3 is a true experience on the road.

Here at Rick Case Mazda we are fully stocked with these awesome machines and we are excited to share the Mazda experience with our favorite people, our customers. It seems like every year Mazda ups the ante on what a real rewarding driving experience is like, but this year they have outdone themselves.


The Mazda3 is a rare blend of performance, technology, and style that ‘s hard to overlook. If you think that the sporty, aerodynamic exterior body style is impressive, then the luxurious, high-tech interior is sure to capture your affection. From the extremely useful heads-up display featuring navigation and lane assist to the dash-mounted touch screen controls for Mazda’s ahead-of-the-game infotainment system, the Mazda3 is built for drivers who want more out of their vehicle.

You can quickly receive and respond to text messages without ever taking your eyes off the road, get directions to Atlanta’s hottest restaurants using only your voice, and choose your favorite Pandora station to listen to while cruising the open road without ever touching your smartphone in the new Mazda3.


This vehicle is truly a piece of drivable innovation. With agile steering and total stability control, driving the winding forest roads will be a blast. The lighter Skyactiv body and the Skyactiv-G engine combine to put more power at your fingertips for a truly exciting driving experience.

All of these features contribute to an extremely enjoyable driving experience, but what about its safety features? The Mazda3 has you covered there too. The Mazda3 features radar cruise control that adjusts your speed according to the proximity to the car ahead of you; while the smart city brake support can potentially lower the impact of collisions and help prevent accidents from happening at low speeds by applying the brakes if it senses that you’re approaching a vehicle too quickly.

The Mazda3 also features available rear cross-traffic alerts and blind spot monitoring to increase the driver’s safety while pulling out of a parking spot or switching lanes on the road. You will still need to stay focused while driving, but you can rest easy knowing that your car has your back.


Test Drive The New 2016 Mazda3 at Rick Case Mazda Duluth

The 2016 Mazda3 is a real joy to drive, and we know you will enjoy the experience as much as we do here at Rick Case Mazda, your preferred dealers of new and used Mazdas in the Atlanta area. Although the Mazda3 is an impressive piece of machinery, it is only one of our many excellent models featured in the 2016 Mazda lineup. Stop by our showroom located at 2493 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA 30096 to test drive this vehicle today.


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