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August 19, 2014
by kellyy
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Car Seat Safety Tips from Performance Chevy

Planning on taking on a three family carpool this school year? We feel for you. Getting back into the groove of the school season can be overwhelming. Dealing with a pool of toddlers or young children you have to deliver safely to their home adds on to the stress. Carpooling comes with special perks such as saving time and money. It also helps the environment and creates opportunities to expand your social circle.

On the flip side, without proper organization, carpooling can turn into a nightmare. Disorganization makes it easy to overlook the factors that matter most, such as safety. Being entrusted with the safety of children is a commitment. Simply following road rules and driving with caution is all it takes to keep everyone on the safe side. You might not be able to control other drivers, but you can influence your driving habits and internal environment.

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