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12 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Garage and Your Chevy



Its springtime here in Sacramento and that can only mean two things: Allergy sufferers are feeling miserable and it’s time once again for that annual ritual of spring cleaning that most of us dread.

Perhaps it’s best to tackle the most difficult jobs first, that way the rest of your spring cleaning chores will seem so much easier. So take a deep breath, open your garage door, and let’s get started!

Back in the day, garages were meant to protect cars from the elements and even guard against possible theft. But if you’re like most folks, your garage may have become a gigantic storage area for lots, and lots, and lots of stuff. So now is the time to be brutally honest and ask yourself: “Do I really, really need to keep that old exercise treadmill that I used…uh…only a couple of times? Or can I finally part ways with my cherished collection of cereal boxes?” (Okay, that’s just a little weird.)

The point is: There’s no better time to clean out your garage then in the pleasant springtime, before the hot days of summer turn it into an oven. Because we know how hard it is to get motivated to take on this task, we here at Performance Chevrolet, the premier Chevy dealership in the greater Sacramento area, want to encourage you in your efforts. That’s why we’re providing, as a public service, the following tips for turning that messy garage into something you can be proud of. When it’s all said and done, you may actually be able to park your Chevy in it.

Speaking of Chevys, (a subject near and dear to our hearts)…

…while we’re in full spring cleaning mode, let’s not forget that your Chevrolet car, SUV, or truck can also use a good once-over this time of year. But we’ll get to that later.

So here’s our list of 12 Great Spring Cleaning Tips:

1. Take everything out of the garage – This is probably the most labor-intensive step, but you simply have to do it. Take everything out of your garage so you can actually see what you’ve got. This also allows you to start sorting things and making some decisions, which takes us to the second step in the process.

2. Select what to get rid of and what you want to keep– This will probably be the most time-consuming and difficult thing to do. From holding on to seemingly lost treasures to pitching obvious junk, it’s time to let it go. Have a garage sale, or donate unwanted items to a local charity. And be sure to properly dispose of anything that might be hazardous, like old paint or chemicals.

3. Sweep it clean – Now that your garage is mostly empty, you can give it a good cleaning. Maybe even a fresh coat of paint. It will inspire you to keep it looking that way.

4. Space: The Final Frontier – Make effective use of all the space in your garage by hanging things like garden tools on wall hooks, or putting things away in cabinets with doors on them. They will look nicer than open shelving, which is also an option. If you’re really serious, you can install ceiling-mounted shelving to free up even more room for your collection of authentic Star Trek uniforms. (It’s okay. You can keep those.)

5. Organization is key – As the Sesame Street song goes: “One of These Things [Is Not Like the Others].” Putting similar items together in the same areas (like cleaning supplies, garden tools, etc.) makes them easier to find. (Okay, now you’ve got THAT song playing over and over again in your head. Sorry.)

6. Think outside the box (or inside the garage) – You don’t necessarily have to park your car in your newly cleaned garage. You might want to use it for various other things, like setting up a workbench, for arts and crafts, or other hobbies. Use your imagination.

7. Make your mark – Whether you use a combination of stackable banker boxes (great for storing paperwork) and versatile plastic bins, the key here is to clearly label everything.

But wait, there’s more…

Like we said earlier, now that you’ve got the garage cleaned and organized, it’s time to turn your attention to giving your Chevy a thorough Spring Cleaning as well. (Hold on, you don’t own a new Chevy from Performance Chevrolet? We’ll get to that later.)

8. Clean under the hood – Over time, the dirt and grime that builds up on the engine block itself can actually make it run hotter and less efficiently. There are plenty of self-serve car washes throughout Sacramento where you can pressure wash your car’s engine. Or, you can get it professionally steam cleaned. Just be sure to cover any exposed electrical parts, like the battery and fuse box, for example, with plastic. And wait until the engine is completely dry before starting it up.

9. Protect your paint job – The weather can take its toll on your car’s exterior paint job, as well as rubber and plastic. Take the time to wax your car with a paste or liquid wax. Use a rubber/vinyl/plastic protectant on all exterior and interior surfaces. Or you can have these professionally done. Our Parts Dept. here at Performance Chevrolet offers a selection of cleaning products especially designed for your Chevy.

10. Time for some new blades – No, we are not referring to shaving products. Rather, we’re talking about checking your windshield wiper blades for any signs of wear and tear. Change them out if you notice streaking, cracking, or skipping.  You should be replacing your wiper blades at least once a year. We stock the right wiper blades for your Chevy here at Performance Chevrolet.

11. No pressure here – Tire pressure fluctuates when the temperature changes. That’s why it’s important to check your tire pressure at least once a month. The wrong tire pressure can lead to lower gas mileage, reduce your tires’ lifespan, or maybe even cause a blowout. While you’re at it inspect your tires for signs of uneven tread wear, or cracks/gouges in the sidewalls. Check your owner’s manual for proper tire pressure and when to rotate your tires. You can also find the correct tire pressure on the inside of the driver’s door.

12. Stay on the level – The fluids the run through your vehicle are its life blood. Whether its power steering and brake fluid, or engine oil, coolant, and transmission fluid, it’s vitally important to keep these up to proper levels. Clear plastic reservoirs for brake, power steering, and windshield washer fluids in today’s Chevys make it simple for you to check them. Our Chevy-certified service professionals here at Performance Chevrolet will be happy to perform these maintenance items for you.

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