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Car Seat Safety Tips from Performance Chevy

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Planning on taking on a three family carpool this school year? We feel for you. Getting back into the groove of the school season can be overwhelming. Dealing with a pool of toddlers or young children you have to deliver safely to their home adds on to the stress. Carpooling comes with special perks such as saving time and money. It also helps the environment and creates opportunities to expand your social circle.

On the flip side, without proper organization, carpooling can turn into a nightmare. Disorganization makes it easy to overlook the factors that matter most, such as safety. Being entrusted with the safety of children is a commitment. Simply following road rules and driving with caution is all it takes to keep everyone on the safe side. You might not be able to control other drivers, but you can influence your driving habits and internal environment.

Chevy Car Seat Safety

At Performance Chevy, we value safety. Here are a few California Road Laws to help you stay on the right track:

California Seat Laws

According to California Seat Laws, children under the age of 8 must be in a car seat or booster seat in the back seat. When placing a toddler in a booster seat, the use of a lap and shoulder belt is required for maximum security.

Tip: Be sure to secure all infants in a rear-facing car seat away from an airbag.

  • Are you carpooling children between the ages of 4-10?  Here’s a 5 step booster test to help you figure out whether or not they need a booster.

Tip: The rear seat is twice as safe as the front seat. All children should ride in the rear seat.

  • Avoid the risk of having to place a child in the front seat by figuring out whether your car is big enough before hitting the road. We recommend setting a test run using your car seats from home to see if your back seat has enough space. Here are some basic child road safety guidelines to help get you started.

Tip: Instead of buying generic car seats, buy a car seat that is specific to your child’s weight and age.

  • You don’t have to travel from store to store trying to find the perfect seat for your child. Luckily, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) offers Car Seat Recommendations for children of different ages.

Tip: Be sure to get all car seats and restraints inspected before use. Whether you are buying a new or used car seat, it is essential to have the seat checked for signs or wear and tear or loose parts.

  • Need help getting your car seat inspected for safety? Visit Also, you can visit us at Performance Chevrolet for professional install-check help.

The roads can get busy during the school season. With safely installed car seats and restrains, you can carpool with a little ease this school season. Be sure to visit us at Performance Chevrolet to get the professional car seat inspection you need. Whether your drive a Chevrolet Cruze Sedan or a Chevrolet Traverse, our factory trained service technicians will get the job done right. Visit us at 4811 Madison Avenue Sacramento, CA 95841 or call us at 866 862 6449.


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