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It’s National Bike Month! Here are the Best Cycling Spots near Springfield, NJ


Spring is here–the birds are chirping, trees are filling out their limbs, and you’re sitting in the house, watching television. Wait, what? That’s doesn’t sound right. It’s time to get off the couch, pack your bike into your SUV, and head to a fantastic trail to enjoy the great outdoors.

Its National Bike Month Here are the Best Cycling Spots near Springfield, NJ

May is National Bike Month, and the League of American Bicyclists wants to encourage you to discover a newfound appreciation for this incredible hobby. New Jersey is full of trails and walkways that boast beautiful scenery and excellent riding conditions, so why not check one of them out in May? Here are some of the best bike trails near Springfield to pedal through this spring.

Bayshore Trail (Atlantic Highlands)

This gorgeous, 2-mile scenic route takes you along Sandy Hook Bay, from the marina on 1st Avenue to the end of Bayside Drive. The path is steep and provides a great view of the bay as you travel along the forested hills. It’s a good cycling route for novices and families with older kids.

Bedminster Hike and Bikeway (Bedminster Township)

The Bedminster Hike and Bikeway is a 2.8-mile trail that takes riders through rural and residential areas in New Jersey. This trail also includes the Albert Winkler/Herbert Snyder Nature Trail that runs through Miller Lane Park. Take a pitstop at the park to enjoy a picnic lunch, or try your hand at fishing in Bedminster Pond. Over 40 beautiful species of plants and trees are marked throughout the trail for your viewing pleasure, so be sure to have your phone or camera charged.

Boulevard Trolley Line Path (Mountain Lakes)

This 2.1-mile path follows the route of an old trolley line. The Boulevard Trolley Line Path is quiet and shady, offering a view of incredible Colonial, Georgian, and Spanish-style homes. The trail is dotted with rhododendrons and mountain laurel, which create a pretty backdrop for your morning bike ride.

Hudson River Waterfront Walkway (Jersey City)

This short, paved path is only 1.5 miles long, but it offers a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline. This relatively flat path is a great cycling spot for beginners and groups, as there are numerous restaurants near the area. Take a rest and enjoy a treat or brunch with your biking pals, then hit the trail back home or to your car.

Loantaka Brook Reservation Trail (Morristown)

The Loantaka Brook Reservation boasts nearly five miles of trails spread throughout its 570 acres. The reservation is bursting with natural beauty and gorgeous scenery, from quaint wooden bridges to amazing farmland to bubbling brooks. Bring the water bottle and a protein bar for a rigorous ride through this stunning Morristown trail.

Best Cycling Apps & Nissan Bike Accessories

Best Cycling Apps & Nissan Bike Accessories

A scenic bike ride on a beautiful spring day will improve your mood and push you into exercise mode, but to ease you into the ride, make sure you’re properly equipped with the best Nissan bike accessories and cycling apps.


This GPS biking app tracks a variety of stats including cycling speed, distance, calories burned, and elevation. Users can set records and earn achievements, and all their information is automatically uploaded to an online Strava profile. The app is free and user-friendly, and cyclists can upgrade to a premium account for a fee.


Meet your new personal trainer: Endomondo. This app tracks your progress in a neat, convenient log and also acts as your encouraging personal trainer. The app’s audio function offers motivational words and lets you know if you’re meeting preset goals. Endomondo is free, though users can upgrade to a premium account.

Garmin Connect

This app works with a Garmin device to provide weather data, notifications, and personal stats. The LiveTrack feature allows you to compete with friends and follow their progress during rides and activities. The Garmin Connect app is free but requires a compatible Garmin device.

Nissan Roof Rails

Nothing beats a vehicle that can securely transport your bike to those favorite trails and paths. A roof rail or crossbar rack installed on your Nissan SUV is a great solution to keep your interior free of muddy tire marks. Affordable and simple to install at our Springfield Nissan dealership, these SUV roof racks can be ordered just in time for your May cycling spree! Call or place an order for authentic Nissan accessories online.

Nissan Cargo Nets

Nissan Cargo Nets

If you opt for a bumper-fastened bike rack, you’ll also want to organize your trunk to store all your cycling gear, including your helmet, portable tire pump, apparel, and repair kit. The best way to keep everything in order is to install a cargo net or organizer. Leave nothing to chance.

15th Annual Tour de Elizabeth

Looking for another way to celebrate National Bike Month? The city of Elizabeth, NJ, has an incredible annual event that’s fun for all ages: The 15th Annual Tour de Elizabeth. Taking place in front of Elizabeth’s City Hall at 9:00 a.m. on May 20, this 15-mile cycling race is suitable for cyclists of all ages and skill levels. Whether they’re here for competition of fun, participants will enjoy riding through scenic areas and historic landmarks. Visit their website to register.

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May is a wonderful time to go for a bike ride, but you don’t have to limit your cycling time to National Bike Month. Cycling is an enjoyable experience year-round, and many of these trails and paths are always open. Just don’t forget to equip your car with the right accessories to haul your precious bike to and from the best cycling trails in Springfield, NJ. For advice on the appropriate Nissan bike accessory, feel free to contact or visit our Springfield Nissan parts store at 146 Route 22 West. We’ll help you order and even install your genuine Nissan accessory for your May-time exploration.




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