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Nissan Brings Its Newest Tech to Detroit: The XMotion SUV


The 2018 NAIAS/Detroit Auto Show recently finished its two-week run, and car companies from across the world showed off some of their new models and concept cars. Nissan was no exception. Rather than an array of interesting items, however, the company brought one huge idea: the upcoming Xmotion (pronounced cross-motion).

Nissan Brings Its Newest Tech to Detroit_ The XMotion SUV

The Xmotion concept car, according to bigwigs at Nissan, “fuses Japanese culture and traditional craftsmanship with American-style utility and new-generation Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology.” Buzzwords aside, what that means in practice is an SUV that looks like a snappier version of Hyundai SUVs we’ve all grown to love, with an interior that revolutionizes driver and passenger convenience.

In an age of increasing reliance on technology, Nissan pushes that idea to an entirely new level with a touchscreen that runs across the entire dashboard, separated into five different panels, like something from the deck of a starship. Nissan’s promotional material shows at least one of the screen’s expected uses: a layout of the road immediately ahead of the vehicle, rendered three-dimensionally with representations of the buildings on either side. The concept of a built-in 3D map is not new, but the idea of putting it on a panoramic dashboard screen is unique.

The XMotion SUV Interior

The rest of the interior invokes the idea of flight, as well.

A sleek center console runs all the way to the back of the car and has its own screen and set of controls. Even the rearview mirror has been replaced by a ‘digital room mirror.’ The steering wheel’s U-shape looks as though it could come from a fighter jet, and the seats appear to be designed for comfort in the face of maximum G-forces.

All of this is tied together—at least conceptually—by a koi fish that swims between the screens. According to Nissan, fingerprint authentication is used to start the car. The car doesn’t just start, though; it goes through an ‘opening sequence’, which includes the awakening of a digital koi fish that acts as a personal assistant. Although the complete capabilities of the koi robot have not yet been established, we know that under some circumstances it will use GPS to search for local points of interest. Nissan says the intent is that the koi will act “as a storyteller to connect human and machine.”

Most notably—even more than a screen running the width of the vehicle or a fish acting as a personal assistant—is how the vehicle’s displays are controlled. We’ve become used to touchscreens, and voice-activated commands are relatively common, but the Xmotion displays are as futuristic as possible: they can be managed via gestures and eye movements. The breadth of options are both technologically remarkable and pragmatically useful. With so many ways to control the Xmotion’s functions, a driver can pick and choose the methods that allow them to keep maximum attention on the road.

“Cool. When’s the Xmotion Coming to Your Springfiend Nissan Dealership?”

The Xmotion itself may be in development for a while longer, but elements of the design could end up in other Nissan vehicles like the Pathfinder. We’ll just have to wait for the clocks to tick, but we’re thrilled to see if and when it arrives at our showroom doors.

For more information on both current and future Nissan vehicles, give our Springfield Nissan sales team a call at (973) 315-1177. We may not have the Xmotion in stock, but we have a large assortment of other 2017 and 2018 Nissan models for you to enjoy. Visit us today to take a test drive!



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