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4 Tips to Warm Up Your Car in Winter


Winter is just around the corner, and that means colder temperatures are on their way, of course. For those living here in the Springfield, NJ area, frigid mornings are anything but fun when it comes to taking on your daily commute. But how should you warm your vehicle during winter? To avoid the unpleasant experience of getting into a frozen vehicle, here are a few tips to quickly warm up your car.


  1. Don’t idle excessively

Contrary to popular belief, an idle engine can cause more harm than good. According to Popular Mechanics, idling can actually decrease the life of the engine “by stripping oil away from the engine’s cylinders and pistons.” Instead of warming your car the old-fashioned way, opt to hop in the car within minutes of starting it. Driving the vehicle will warm the engine (and consequently the cabin) much faster than letting it sit idle.

  1. Turn the recycled air switch on

In order to maximize the full potential of your heating system, it’s important that you have the recycled air switch turned on. This is because, according to A/C Pro, on any given cold day, “it takes less time and effort to reheat warm air than it is to heat the frigid outside air.” Your cabin will be warmer if you keep the cold air out.

  1. Park in the garage

When possible, park your vehicle in an enclosed space, like in a garage or under a covered carport. The National Automotive Parts Association states that these protected and enclosed areas “block out ice and wind, maintaining a higher ambient temperature than an exposed driveway.”

  1. Invest in a vehicle with remote start

While some people in the Elizabeth and Plainfield areas have garages to store out vehicles in overnight, many others don’t have that luxury. As an alternative option, consider upgrading to a new or used Nissan with a remote-start engine. Remotely starting your car in the morning can save time, reduce hassles, and prevent you from venturing out into the cold more than once (to leave, obviously).


The amazing selection and great prices at our Springfield Nissan dealership help us put the “win” in “winter,” so browse our current Nissan deals and inventory of new cars and SUVs for sale today! We carry several Nissan models with remote-start systems, including the new Altima, Murano, and Rogue. If you loathe cold weather—welcome to the club—you’ll find no better investment than a vehicle with a remote-start engine from Nissan World of Springfield. Contact us at (973) 315-1177 or visit our Springfield car dealer at 146 Route 22 West to take a test drive.







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