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Primetime SUV Comparison Showdown: 2017 Nissan Rogue vs. Honda CR-V


Crossover sales continue to grow fast, having already surpassed mid-sized sedans as the top vehicle choice for consumers. And it’s easy to see why: crossovers like the new Nissan Rogue offer more cargo space, common SUV-esque features like all-wheel drive (crucial for New Jersey winters), better fuel economy than full-blown SUVs, and extra room for passengers big and small. But with growth comes competition. At this point, every major auto manufacturer has at least one crossover model. So which is the right one for you and your family?




The Two Top Choices

There are two models that take up the lion’s share of the positive buzz around crossovers: The Nissan Rogue and Honda CR-V. As it turns out, the choice between the two is relatively straightforward—but we’ll get to that after breaking down the major differences between the two models.

Safety is Key

On the safety front, the 2017 Nissan Rogue and Honda CR-V sit squarely at the top. IIHS notes that both models qualify for their 2017 Top Safety Pick+ rating. The main difference can literally be seen in headlights. Both small SUVs receive an “A” rating thanks to their ability to quickly switch from low to high beams, as well as good visibility and peripheral coverage on both settings.

For the 2017 Rogue, the A-rated headlights package is optional on all models. To achieve a rating above “Moderate” for the 2017 CR-V, buyers have to go with the top-end trim, the Touring. This distinction clearly puts the 2017 Nissan Rogue ahead of Honda’s crossover.



Third-Row Seating

At the lowest trim, the 2017 Nissan Rogue and Honda CR-V are close in terms of spaciousness; both are known for providing a great deal of room and the ability to access the rear cargo area with ease.

Nissan redesigned the 2017 Rogue with particular care to provide as many options for families as possible. Where the Rogue excels is its optional third row; for families that need flexibility during their travels, this third-row seat offers extra room for kids and car seats. The seats also fold up from the rear cargo space, providing a full row of usable seating. With the third-row seat, their engineers were able to leverage the extra space that typically comes in a crossover to further separate the Rogue from classic mid-sized sedans or larger minivans.

This Nissan SUV is not your standard crossover.

While both the Rogue and the CR-V are known for their spacious interiors, Nissan’s 2017 crossover comes out ahead here again due to that crucial third-row option.



Lots of Cargo Space

Cargo space is the main reason to choose a crossover over of a sedan, as is the spacious rear hatchback that provides far more convenience than a traditional car trunk.

Both the Rogue and CR-V provide similar amounts of space—up to five feet of storage with rear seats folded down—but the Rogue takes the cake by offering a lower cargo floor. Critics of the Rogue often mention the height of its cargo floor as a major selling point; it provides owners another level of ease-of-use and convenience, especially when loading or unloading cargo. Even with the optional third-row seat, the Rogue’s cargo area is more accommodating than the CR-V’s.

There’s No Better Choice for Families

Crossovers are a perfect fit for families big and small, and the Nissan Rogue is clearly ahead of the CR-V when it comes to offering those family-friendly features we all love. If you’re looking to test drive a Nissan SUV that matches your family’s particular needs, head to our Nissan World of Springfield dealership. We have one of the area’s largest inventory of new Nissans and other used cars, offer flexible financing options, and tons of Nissan deals to help you save money.


To take a spin in Nissan’s newest small SUV, the 2017 Rogue, contact our Nissan dealers at (973) 315-1177 or visit us at 146 US-22 in Springfield, NJ. We’re conveniently located within miles of all the major towns, including Elizabeth, Plainfield, and Piscataway.



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