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How to Prep Your Car for Summer in 3 Simple Steps


Summer in Jersey is hot, humid, and best spent on the beach. But you’ve got to get there first, right? In the spirit of a carefree summer, here are three simple steps for using a little piece of your spring cleaning time on preparing and maintaining your Nissan for summer.AC

1. Get your AC recharged and repaired if necessary.

Performing an AC recharge is typically pretty simple: Just re-fill your AC refrigerant to the correct amount. Refer to your owner’s manual or seek advice from one of our Nissan service technicians. If the problem is a bit more complex than a liquid top-off, definitely enlist the help of our Nissan AC service mechanics for model-appropriate car air conditioning repair.De-Winterize

2. De-winterize your car.

Wash off the accumulations of a long winter, remembering to clean off potential salt collections underneath your car. Then “clay” your car—using a clump of clay formulated for this purpose—to remove any buildup that a thorough washing doesn’t remove. Finally, wax your vehicle to get that fantastic look and protective layer over the entire surface.Tires

3. Check your tires, and take off winter tires if you have them. 

New Jersey summers are a completely different environment for your tires than the freezing winters. You’ll have to keep a closer eye on your tires than normal, as heat causes the rubber to expand and soften, meaning correct tire pressure is more important than any other time of year. Check your air pressure and perform a routine tire rotation before June.

Follow these three simple steps to get your car ready for a full summer of day trips and cool rides home with the windows down. To schedule service or to seek advice on these maintenance methods and more, contact our Nissan World of Springfield service center at (973) 315-1177. We proudly serve the entire Elizabeth, NJ region, including Plainfield, Piscataway, and Springfield.



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