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Nissan World of Springfield’s Ultimate Spring Cleaning Tips


Old man winter is finally coming to a close, as a fresh spring season is right around the corner bringing warm weather, beautiful flowers, and a spirit of rejuvenation for everybody. Just as no winter should last forever, neither should your disordered garage or untidy car last throughout the year. For this reason, your premiere Nissan World of Springfield Dealership in Springfield, New Jersey, is providing you with some of our best spring cleaning tips.


Everyone yearns to have an organized garage and clean car, and with the start of spring, this is your perfect chance to make that happen. We wanted to share our best spring cleaning tips with you because at Nissan World of Springfield; we know there is no better feeling than being satisfied when your garage door is open and when your car windows are down.

Tips for a Clean Garage

No room in the garage for your vehicle? Sure there is! All it takes is some consolidating and organizing to limit the clutter and expand the amount of space for your prized Nissan. Follow these special tips from Nissan World of Springfield to make more room for your car and less for clutter.

  • First, determine the difference between what you need and what you do not. The general rule of thumb is if an item has been sitting in your garage for more than five years without use, then it is time to get rid of it. Taking the time to sort through what is actually used will automatically make the rest of the process much easier.
  • Next, Nissan World of Springfield recommends grouping similar items together. Consolidating the mismatched shoes around the door entrance or the scattered around tools will instantly give your garage a neater appearance. This is one of our favorite tips and is not hard to do. Buying bins or stackable racks from your local hardware store is all it takes, and will make finding your belongings much easier.
  • Lastly, utilizing vertical wall and ceiling space as much as possible will make a huge difference in clearing out space for your car. We recommend purchasing some heavy duty hooks, garage cabinets, and pegboards so each item in your garage can be neatly hung up and tucked away.

Tips for a Clean Car Interior


With bustling day-to-day activities and constant driving, cars go through a considerable amount of wear-and- tear and often do not receive the needed spring cleaning that they should. Here are just a couple of Nissan World of Springfield’s best tips to maintain and uphold the interior of your car.

  • Dirty windows with fingerprints all over them are a tell-tale sign of a dirty car. However, the trick is to clean your windows is to clean from both the inside and out with a glass cleaner and a cotton towel to ensure a streak-free, clean result.
  • Clean carpets make a large impact on the overall interior of your car, yet require the most effort to clean. Begin with vacuuming and move your seats to catch any unseen dirt and crumbs hiding underneath. Finally, to eliminate all other stains and smells, scrub your carpets with a stiff brush and carpet cleaning shampoo. Make sure to allow for ample time to dry, and then you will be all set with spotless, clean carpets.
  • Our last tip is to simply remind you to be gentle while cleaning the interior of your car. Make sure to work with one section of the car at a time, and provide enough time to be able to clean. Whether you are wiping off the dashboard or vacuuming the floor, being gentle is important.

Let the Spring Cleaning Begin

Nissan World of Springfield hopes that our spring cleaning tips will motivate and benefit you to get a jump-start on your spring cleaning! The final result will be 100% worth it when your next-door neighbor is in awe of your newly organized garage and car.

Show off your clean car and visit our dealership to take advantage of our special money-saving incentives this spring at 146 Route 22 West, Springfield, NJ 0708 or give us a call at (877) 769-1438 for great deals on the best new and used cars for sale in the Springfield, New Jersey area.



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