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Nissan’s Future Tech & Concept Cars: An Overview


Nissan Intelligent Mobility

There’s a very important day coming up in early July: World UFO Day! Although we may wonder if the “truth is out there,” closer to home there’s exciting new technology making its way into the automotive world. And with that technology comes the development of new Nissan concept cars and tech, all of which are designed to make us rethink our relationship to cars and the road itself. Here’s what Nissan has coming through the pipeline in the coming years.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility

In order to properly introduce the future Nissan cars, we should first introduce you to the main underlying technology, known as NIM, or Nissan Intelligent Mobility. (The longer version of this name gets to the crux of how it works: NIMx with Brain-to-Vehicle.)

Depending on your relationship with technology, that might sound incredible and amazing or just incredibly scary. Don’t worry, though; nobody is trying to hook your brain up to your new Nissan anytime soon. What brain-to-vehicle does is not literally read your mind, but rather predict your actions through your behavior, and engage assistance systems to make everything you do smoother.

Brain-to-vehicle takes advantage of the incredible computing speeds now available to sense when you begin a turn and help control the vehicle into and out of that turn. If you must turn quickly—Danger! Deer on the road!—B-to-V is fast enough to realize you just need to get out of the way, and as such, boosts your effective reaction time. Then, in the case of that deer, it reads your turn back the other way to stay on the road.

The main priority of NIM, as is often the case with new vehicle technology, is to maximize safety. However, Nissan B-to-V assists so routinely with vehicle handling that it’s also a boon to high-performance drivers, allowing them to surpass their own limits in what they can do with a car. Plus, to show it’s ready for the upcoming age of autonomous vehicles, it even reads the movements of the driver to assess discomfort levels and adjusts its own driving style to suit the driver’s wishes with minimal direct input.

Pretty cool, huh?

New Nissan Concept Cars of the Future

New Nissan Concept Cars of the Future

If your name is Fox Mulder, you might think these upcoming concept Nissan cars are grounded UFOs. But they’re far from it! The main cars that Nissan has put forth are the Xmotion and Vmotion. Although these vehicles are different in type—the Xmotion is an SUV, while the Vmotion is a sedan—they are designed with similar ideas in mind.

First and foremost, Nissan has updated the aesthetic on these vehicles, combining a sleek look with maximum cabin space for the driver and passengers, and crafting the outside to fit a more futuristic view of the world. Both are prepped for use in an autonomous driving world, although the use of AI in the vehicles is expressed differently in some ways. For example, the Xmotion goes so far as to read the movements of passengers and adjust interior conditions for their comfort, while the Vmotion illuminates the Nissan emblem in its grille and the diffuser in its rear to show other drivers when the autonomous ProPilot driving system is engaged.

However, there’s one more Nissan vehicle worth checking out: the Nissan IDS Concept. In short, the IDS puts cutting-edge AI into an electric vehicle, which fits for a company with aspirations of zero emissions and zero traffic fatalities. Created with a carbon-fiber body, a low stance, and ultra-thin, rolling-resistance tires, its light weight allows for a better driving range than almost any other comparable vehicle. Its AI not only reads your movements as described above, it also remembers how you drive so as to mimic your most comfortable style (when the piloted mode is engaged). And when the car is put into a fully autonomous mode, the steering wheel disappears inside the instrument panel, giving you have more space to move—plus, it’s just a really cool feature!

Nissan continuously works to stay on the cutting edge of automotive technology, putting every advantage they can develop into their vehicles, for your benefit. (Hey, that sounds familiar!)

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