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5 Super-Trendy Father’s Day Gift Ideas of 2018


June 17, 2018. Your dad wakes up to find…well, nothing interesting. That’s because it’s just a typical Sunday morning. Or did you just forget about Dad’s special holiday? If you haven’t already started prepping for Father’s Day this year, let us help you not be a bum. Here are five of the coolest new gadgets you should consider buying for your Father’s Day gift.



Dad constantly in need of a pick-me-up? This tiny espresso machine will be his savior on any long work trip or Monday commute.

Entirely portable and as elegant as Florence itself, the Nanopresso (and its cousin, the Minipresso) is an essential tool for any java addict to keep in their bag. At just 6 inches in length and featuring a 261-psi pump, Nanopresso holds just enough water to fill up its 2.7-oz detachable cup with Dad’s go-go juice. When he gets back home from a long day at the office, Dad can snap off the top and internal filter for a quick rinse. Voila! Ready for tomorrow’s adventure.

Give Dad a reason to use his car cupholders more creatively this Father’s Day. Sold through, the Nanopresso costs about $65, which is the ideal price for a Father’s Day present.


Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera

You may try to be Dad’s BFF, but everyone knows Fido is his pride and joy. This Father’s Day, gift him the Furbo Dog Cam, which will allow him to connect with the family dog at any time and from anywhere. Not only can Dad monitor Fido’s every move with Furbo, he can also talk and toss a few Scooby Snacks to his good boy.

As the #1 selling dog camera on the market, Furbo can be purchased on their website for less than $200.


Bluetooth Car Adapter

For all those dads who refuse to do away with their old jalopies, invite them into the 21st century with a cheap Bluetooth car adapter. Plugged straight into his car’s 12V cigarette lighter, a Bluetooth adapter gives him all the needed tools to transform his radio into a speaker for Pandora, Spotify, and personal playlists. Maybe he’ll eventually embrace modern technology, one step at a time.

You can find Bluetooth adapters at just about any retail store, and they’ll usually run anywhere from $20 to $50.

USB Ice Cube Air Conditioner

Father’s Day is nearly here, which means one thing for all of us in New Jersey: Heat. If your dad is a 24-7 sweaty yeti in the summer, a break from the humidity is the ultimate gift. With the portable Geizeer A/C unit, a break is exactly what he’ll get.

What makes this USB-powered air conditioner such a great invention? Lots. First, it’s entirely efficient, running quietly off of a laptop or PC. Second, its cool air is built from a simple ice tray, not a compressor or Freon. Lastly, it’s pretty snazzy! What kind of office-working dad wouldn’t want this?

Built in Italy, the Geizeer can be ordered at for about $150, give or take.


Star Wars BB-8 Car Charger

Star Wars BB-8 Car Charger

A comfy fit for any car cupholder, the BB-8 charger is also full of life. Like the playful little droid from the new Star Wars films, this tiny replica wiggles its head and makes sounds as it charges devices. That’s right—we said devices. The BB-8 charging droid features two USB ports, so Dad and his copilot can both be at 100% when they tour a galaxy far, far away.

Buy the BB-8 car charger at for under $40.


Upgrade Your Father’s Day Gift to a New Nissan

If your dad’s vehicle looks more like a four-wheeled clump of rust than a car, it might be time to invest in a proper Father’s Day gift this year, like a 2018 Rogue or Nissan Pathfinder. Worried about cost? Don’t be. With the Father’s Day Nissan specials available at our Nissan World of Red Bank dealership, you’ll be able to find Dad the perfectly priced Nissan at a true discount.

Browse our selection of new Nissan models for sale in Red Bank, then contact our Nissan sales team to schedule a test drive and appointment. Dad will be thrilled to see that new ride in the driveway come Sunday morning—guaranteed.



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