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8 Brilliant Gifts to Please Any Car Enthusiast


Holiday shopping can be quite a challenge. It’s not easy to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, especially when everyone has such different interests. If you have any car enthusiasts on your list this Christmas, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of some unique car gifts that are sure to please anyone who loves automobiles. From awesome Nissan car accessories to automotive decor for the home, these 8 Christmas gifts should get the job done.

Nissan Hatch Tent

  1. Nissan Hatch Tent ($360)

Looking for a gift for your outdoorsy, adventure-loving family? If you’re shopping for something special for the entire brood, this Nissan tent is one of the coolest gifts out there. Nissan’s hatch tent conveniently connects to your Rogue SUV, making it a fantastic addition to any camping trip. This 10×10 tent is incredibly spacious and comfortable, with two large doors and mesh windows so you can enjoy the fresh air.

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  1. LEGO cars($30-$300)

Most car enthusiasts love building model cars. LEGO’s awesome car sets are a fun twist on the traditional four-wheeled toy. These cars are fun to build and make an excellent display piece when finished. Choose from exciting options like a Porsche 911, Ferrari F40, Volkswagen Beetle, Mini Cooper, and much more.

  1. Brush Hero Wheel Brush ($45)

People who adore their cars like to keep them clean. It’s tough to keep rims and hubcaps sparkling—cleaning off all that build-up isn’t exactly easy. The Brush Hero features a water-powered turbine that attached easily to any garden hose. Two different brushes are included to ensure the best cleaning surface for multiple parts of any vehicle. The brush is also handy for cleaning car grilles, hood ornaments, and many other hard-to-wash areas.

  1. Speedometer Wrist Watch ($10-$40)

A sleek, LED watch featuring a glowing speedometer is the perfect Christmas gift for speed demons. A variety of options are available, from stainless steel pieces with fabric bands to dazzling chrome watches with distinguished styling.

Decorative Wall Clocks

  1. Decorative Wall Clocks ($20-$125)

Auto-themed decorative accents are fantastic gift ideas as they add personality and charm to any home. Choose from myriad automotive wall clocks to enhance a garage, man cave, home bar, or game room. These clocks are available in many styles, from a timing chain version featuring a bunch of gears to classic neon clocks boasting specific car models.

  1. Tire Snack Bowls ($25)

Snacks are more enjoyable when you can eat them out of a tire, right? Well, that’s certainly the case for any car lover. These tire snack bowls are the perfect holiday present as they’re incredibly realistic with treads and a shiny chrome hubcap lid that screws on, preventing spills. They’re nice for indulging in a late-night bowl of ice cream or for use as a centerpiece during tailgate parties.

  1. To Go Bowl ($28)

Do you have a car enthusiast friend who also happens to love pets? The To Go Bowl is a fantastic holiday car gift for anyone who likes to travel with their furry friends. The bowl conveniently fits into a car’s cup holders, allowing Pooch to get a drink whenever he needs one. The spill-resistant design prevents water from slopping all over the vehicle, too. Now, if only we could create something that prevents drool….

  1. Portable Car Tire Pump ($20-$50)

Anyone with extensive automotive knowledge knows that a leaky tire can be a real hassle. A portable car tire pump is a useful tool to have in the trunk, just in case. This is a gift that provides peace of mind and serves a functional purpose; they can be incredibly helpful during the cold, Denville weather, as tires tend to lose air in the cold.

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This list includes a wide variety of car gift ideas that are unique, stylish, and functional assets to any car enthusiast’s collection. But, if you’re looking for something really awesome for that special someone this holiday season, an actual car might be the purchase to make! This holiday season, check out our seasonal Nissan deals and used car specials in Denville, and you’ll save money while also crossing off someone on your Christmas list.

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