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Previewing the Upcoming 2018 Nissan Leaf


The 2018 Nissan Leaf will be available early next year and “enters what carmakers call ‘white space’ in the market: a place where no other maker offers a vehicle,” according to Green Car Reports. With numerous automakers announcing plans to eliminate the sales of gas-powered vehicles over the next decade or so, the Leaf is set up to become the next big EV car and one that might very well be the baseline for all other electric vehicles.


What’s New for 2018?

This 2018 Leaf’s range is projected to be roughly 150 miles. The zero-emission vehicle also offers 100% use of torque and 147 horsepower upon acceleration. Among other enhancements to look forward to, the new Nissan Leaf’s mainstream styling, coupled with its exciting tech offerings, should be enticing to any car buyer.

According to Wired, “the Leaf comes standard with ‘e-Pedal,’ a new mode that ratchets up the regenerative braking to the point where you can drive with one pedal most of the time.” There is also the option of paying an additional upcharge fee for Nissan’s ProPilot, which is their equivalent of AutoPilot (discussed in further detail below).

Exciting new features of the new 2018 Nissan Leaf include three types of cruise control options.

  • The base Leaf S will have the option of standard cruise control, where the driver sets the speed and the car maintains that speed. You know. You love it. You couldn’t travel around Denville without it.
  • The mid-tier Leaf SV and range-topping SL models will both offer adaptive cruise control, which uses forward-facing sensors and control logic to keep the Leaf a safe distance from the car ahead. With ACC, drivers will no longer need to accelerate, though they will still need to steer. It’s estimated that 20% of collisions may be caused by poor response time, and ACC might just eliminate that risk.
  • The third option, available as part of the Tech Package for the Leaf SV and Leaf SL only, is the ProPilot Assist, which Green Car Reports states will “blend the adaptive cruise control of the SV and SL models with active lane control, which goes beyond traditional lane-departure correction systems by keeping the car centered in its lane.” In other words, the car will be able to accelerate, brake, and steer on its own if the driver’s hands stay on the steering wheel.

leaf interior

The Rise of Electric Vehicles

As electric vehicles become increasingly more popular, public awareness and interest have also grown. As a result, there continues to be plenty of attention given to building EV charging infrastructure in New Jersey, thereby letting vehicle owners know that electric vehicles are, in fact, a viable alternative to traditional four-wheeled rides. And, given the fact that “the original Leaf, released in 2010, went on to be the world’s best-selling electric,” our Nissan dealers near Dover, NJ expect to see great things from the 2018 Leaf.


While we all impatiently wait for the new Leaf to join the ranks of the elite at Nissan World of Denville, we have tons of other new Nissan models available for sale and lease, including the world-class Altima, Versa, and Sentra. Come check out our entire inventory of new Nissans and certified pre-owned cars today! Contact us at (973) 343-5004 or head to our Denville car dealership at 3057 New Jersey 10 to view our entire selection.



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