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Nissan World Of Denville’s Guide To Leasing


At Nissan World of Denville, your hometown Nissan dealership in Denville, New Jersey, we believe that our customers should clearly understand the many “ins and outs” of buying a car. Being an informed and educated consumer means that you will make good purchase decisions. It also helps our sales professionals to serve your auto buying needs.

As part of this commitment to you, our customer, we offer many informative online resources to help make your car-buying experience a good one. That’s why we are publishing the following “Guide to Leasing,” so that you will be able to understand the leasing process.


Not only will we discuss the benefits of leasing, but we’ll also tell you about some of the special leasing programs we offer you here at Nissan World of Denville. We sincerely hope that you will find the following information useful.

The Benefits Of Leasing

Many people prefer leasing a car to buying a vehicle. There are several distinct advantages to leasing. When you lease a vehicle, you are essentially “renting” it from the dealership for a set amount of time, just like renting a house.

One of the key differences between a lease and a purchase is that you are paying the difference between the car’s sticker price and what the anticipated value it will be at the conclusion of the lease. Because of how the lease financing is structured, you may be able to afford more car for your money.

Here’s an example: Let’s assume that the MSRP of your new car is $25,000, and you decide on a three-year lease. We’ll assume that the theoretical residual value of your vehicle is 60% of the original purchase price. That means this particular vehicle would be worth around $15,000 at the end of the lease. The remaining $10,000 instead of the full $25,000 is used to calculate your monthly payments. What this means is that you may be able to buy a lot more car for the money.

Just as in a purchase, your monthly lease payments will also be affected by how much cash you are willing to put down. Here at Nissan World of Denville, we often run special lease promotions and financing offers that will help you by sometimes offering $0 down payment and, in some cases, 0% interest. Of course, you may decide to put money down up front to reduce your monthly payment. The choice is up to you.

Another benefit of leasing is the warranty. Most manufacturer warranties these days will cover you for three years or 36,000 miles bumper-to-bumper. If you opt for a three-year lease, which is the most common, you don’t have to worry about anything major going wrong with the car. However, you are still responsible for all routine maintenance, such as oil changes, as specified in your owner’s manual.

Additionally, you don’t want to bother with trading your car in and dealing with such things as trade-in value, you can drop your Nissan off at the end of the lease and get another one. If you decide to keep your car, you can convert the lease to a purchase.


At Nissan World of Denville, we are pleased to offer two exciting lease programs: The “Lease Pull Ahead Program” and the “Early Termination” program. We created these two programs to provide you with an exceptional leasing experience. Here is how they work:

Early Lease/Loan Termination

We established our Nissan Lease Return Center to make the process of returning your leased Nissan quick, easy, and convenient. As an Authorized Nissan Lease Return Center, we accept all Nissan lease returns, regardless of where you leased your Nissan. If you decide to return your Nissan before the lease is up, we can assist you with the process. Our Nissan Lease Return Center can also help your turn in your leased Nissan when your lease is up. To begin this process, just fill out our online lease return form.

Lease Pull Ahead Program

Nissan World of Denville is pleased to offer this exclusive program that may allow you to return your leased Nissan up to 12 months early. As previously mentioned, you didn’t have to lease your Nissan from us, as we accept all Nissan leases regardless of the dealership.

We will provide you with a free 101-Point Lease Inspection at which time will review the following information:

  • Confirming the residual value of your vehicle
  • Determining the final mileage amount, if any due at the end of the lease
  • Arranging financing should you wish to buy out the lease
  • Determining the market value at the time of trade-in
  • Getting credit approval for your new lease or purchase

You can also take advantage of our dealership’s “Early Bird Turn In.” This unique program for eligible lessees may be able to waive up to your last 12 remaining lease payments. Other key benefits of this program include:

  • A waiver of up to $500 in excess wear and/or damage charges if applicable
  • A waiver of the disposition fee, if applicable
  • Nissan World of Denville $500 Bonus Cash

These two unique leasing programs here at Nissan World of Denville will save you money and make returning your leased Nissan a pleasurable experience. Another way to save money is to take advantage of our special lease financing offers and manufacturer incentives. We invite you to visit our Denville Nissan dealership, conveniently located at 3057 New Jersey 10, Denville, NJ 07834 and check our large inventory of new 2015 Nissan cars, trucks, and SUVs. For more information about our special lease programs or to reach our Sales Department, please call 877-726-1182. For Service, please call 877-740-9607.

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