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Secrets of the Stars: How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


Goals are made to be accomplished—unless they’re formed around the New Year, apparently, as 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. Yikes. How do those annual all-stars do it? Is there some special recipe for success, a guru to talk to, a program that does all the hard work? For most people, completing New Year’s resolutions takes a bit of luck, planning, and loads of hard work. Here are their secrets.


Plan Ahead & Have Realistic Expectations

Most resolutions are built on too grand a scale. While we all want to live in an ideal world, setting unrealistic goals is no way to go about it. Instead, plan just one New Year’s resolution out monthly, not annually, and success will be yours for the taking.

For example, losing 100 pounds is a mountain to climb, no matter the timeframe, but if you break it into monthly chunks of weight loss, you’re more apt to stick to your resolutions. Self-confidence can do wonders.

Leave Fear at the Door

Commitment takes courage. Don’t be afraid of change; change begets results, and results are what make your internal wheel go ‘round.

That’s easier said than done, right? To keep you on your toes, take small steps toward abandoning those fears. Read and analyze. Sign up for a class. Ask basic questions. Adopt new routines piece by piece. Don’t worry about what others may say or think—just complete your goal at your own pace.

Make a Plan B

Adapting to problems, whether anticipated or unforeseen, is what makes our species successful on a global scale. If your New Year’s resolution is complex enough, such problems may rear their ugly little heads at any time. Breathe. Relax. Move into your “Plan B” phase, which you should prep when setting your goals on January 1.

For instance, if your goal is to stay up on monthly or seasonal car maintenance tasks, a car problem may emerge that requires you to adjust your schedule. Your “Plan B” should cover what to do if you need to bundle routine maintenance with a car repair, who to call, and how to pay for it all. Keep track of your local auto repair center’s deals and oil change coupons for opportunities to save cash, too.


Keep a Schedule

A busy life is no excuse to avoid your own goals—they were important enough to make, so stick with them! Set aside a weekend to declutter your garage, which will open the area for your new car before the cold Roanoke winter strikes. Assign a certain day to meal plan and shop for the week. Turn three weekday nights into workouts; on the third night, grab a movie to watch at home as your reward. Rescheduling your tasks will only set your NY resolutions back, and back is not the right direction.

If you need help organizing your resolutions, try adding calendar events on your smartphone or downloading a task/scheduling app.

Encourage Yourself with Rewards

The smallest reward can be a strong incentive to accomplish your goals. Start with more-frequent rewards to get you moving, then stretch them out over weeks or months, increasing the “level” of reward each time. When the ball drops next year, you can even give yourself an anniversary gift.

Measure Progress

Whatever goal you set, you need to have a way to measure how well you’re succeeding (or failing). These metrics—whether it’s pounds or money savings or house chores completed—give you immediate feedback and motivation to keep chugging along. Changes can be made if progress plateaus, as well.

Have a Support System

Even if your New Year’s resolution is simple, let close friends and family know what you’re trying to accomplish. Sharing is caring, and a strong system of supportive people around you can keep you in check when things get difficult.

Rely on a Reliable Ride

The key to accomplishing any feat isn’t always about personal skill and work ethic—sometimes you need to depend on someone (or something) else. For most people, having their own car makes success possible, and when it comes to your year’s resolutions, that same logic applies. A dependable car can be a real difference maker.


If you live in the Martinsville or Roanoke area, we invite you to check out our selection of new GM vehicles and quality used cars for sale. As your Rocky Mount car dealer, we’d be happy to kick-start your New Year’s resolutions with a New Year’s set of wheels. Contact Berglund Chevy Buick GMC at (540) 352-4280 or take a trip to our Rocky Mount dealership at 17801 Virgil Goode Highway to test drive one of our new or used cars.






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