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Been in a Car Accident? Read Our Roanoke Collision Repair FAQ


Few events in life produce more anxiety than a car crash. Rather than scouring the internet once those airbags deploy, learn about what to do after a collision now to save you time and frustration. Here are some auto body and post-accident questions we’ve been asked over the years, along with our answers, of course.

car accident

What should I do right after an accident?

There are several steps to take if you’ve been in a crash.

  1. Immediately after impact, assess yourself for injury. If you feel injured, or another person is injured, call 911. If you have a newer car, like a 2018 Chevy Cruze, you may have features like Automatic Crash Response through OnStar®, which will automatically notify paramedics and the police in the event of an accident.
  2. If you’re able to, indicate to all those involved to move to a safer spot, such as a parking lot or the side of the road.
  3. Exchange information with other drivers and eyewitnesses, including insurance, names, phone numbers, and vehicle details. At no point should you admit fault!
  4. Document the scene. Take photos of all vehicles and property damage, skid marks, debris, street signs, or any other factor that may have resulted in the crash. Make note of the day, time, weather conditions, and any other pertinent details.
  5. Follow all instructions provided by the police and ask for a copy of an accident report (or the accident report number).
  6. Contact your insurance agent for more steps and to begin the claim process.
  7. Request a tow from the insurance company’s preferred body shop or one that you trust.
  8. Keep all receipts for services, such as alternative transportation, rental cars, towing, parking, storage, repairs, and anything else directly related to the accident.

Do I need to use my insurance company’s preferred body shop?

No! Although your insurance company is likely to request their preferred inspector and body shop, you are not obligated or restricted to use them.

If you live in the Roanoke or Rocky mount area, choose Berglund Body Works. As a sibling to our Midpoint Chevy Buick GMC dealership, this Roanoke collision center is one of the largest in the region, offering over 70,000 square feet of space, tens of thousands of OEM auto parts, and some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry.

Auto repair

Will Berglund Body Works help me make an insurance claim?

As a direct-repair body shop, Berglund would be happy to be the middleman between you and your insurance company. Their team will ensure your agents understand the repair costs and estimates, and will not perform any auto body work until everyone is satisfied with their inspection and findings.

How long do auto body repairs typically take?

Each situation is unique, so repair times can vary greatly. When you’re provided with an estimate, you’ll also receive an approximate time when your vehicle will be ready.

What types of auto body services do you provide?

With a full staff of qualified and trained technicians, Berglund Body Works can perform just about any collision repair or service, including the following:

  • Paintless Dent Repairs
  • Airbag replacements
  • Free auto body damage estimates
  • Towing
  • Auto glass repairs
  • Frame repairs
  • Re-painting
  • Fender and bumper replacements
  • And much more

How do I rent a vehicle after a car crash?

Many drivers have rental reimbursement added to their insurance policy, which pays for a rental vehicle in the event of an auto collision. It’s a cheap addition to insurance—usually under $2 a month—that can save hundreds if you need extensive auto body repairs.

The Berglund collision center offers Roanoke rental cars to all our customers and provides pick-up and drop-off services to those in or around Martinsville, Roanoke, and Rocky Mount, VA.

Tow truck

How do I request a Roanoke tow truck or other auto repair service?

It’s quite simple to contact either Berglund Body Works or our Rocky Mount car dealership to request an appointment.

What happens if my vehicle is “totaled”?

Unfortunately, if your vehicle suffers major damage or is worth less than the cost to repair that damage, it may be labeled as “totaled.” But there are options to help you get back on the road. Shop our Rocky Mount used cars for sale to find a bargain on a replacement vehicle, or use your insurance check to get yourself a new Buick, GMC, or Chevy. We have numerous GM car specials available, too, so you’ll always save money when buying, leasing, or financing a new car at Midpoint!






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