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10 Essential Items to Keep in Your Roadside Safety Kit


Car maintenance problems are unpredictable and can happen out of the blue which is why Midpoint Chevrolet Buick GMC wants to prepare you for any difficulties that come along. Nobody wants to be stranded on the side of the road without necessary supplies to make things a bit easier. It’s always better to be proactive than reactive when unexpected situations pop up. Keeping these 10 essential items in your vehicle will make you a confident driver!


1) First Aid Kit

Keeping a First Aid Kit in your glove compartment can save lives. Whether it’s a minor or major condition, having access to lifesaving tools is vital. Seconds and minutes can define the result of the situation. Remain calm while making proper use of your lifesaving appliances until emergency vehicles arrive at the scene of the traffic accident.

2) Flashlight

A flashlight is helpful during the day and night. During the day, a flashlight can locate and provide a clear view of specific areas under the hood of the car or underneath the car. Meanwhile, having a flashlight at night makes changing a tire in the dark possible and can help find a lost item in your vehicle.

3) Spare Tire

Keeping a spare tire in your trunk along with a tire jack and tire iron is crucial for safety and convenience. The tire jack and tire iron allow you to change your tire on your own. Without the assistance tire tools, you will not be able to change your tire all by yourself. Here’s how to change a tire on your own.


4) Ice Scraper

Just as car maintenance problems are unpredictable, so is winter weather. Storing an ice scraper and snow brush in your trunk is the best way to remain prepared for the inconvenient weather and makes the road ahead visible.

5) Snow Shovel

Keeping a snow shovel in your trunk during the winter is smart. You’ll be able to remove the snow from your car so that you can back out of a parking space and continue to your next destination.

6) Matches

Storing matches in your glove box is a top priority. In the event you were to get stranded in bad weather such as a winter storm, matches will keep you warm while you wait for roadside assistance to arrive and will make you visible to other drivers.

7) Blanket

Storing a blanket in your trunk provides weather relief during rain, shine, sleet, or snow. If your car breaks down during intense weather conditions, a blanket makes the weather bearable. Use a blanket to cover your head during a storm, prevent the sun from beating down on you, and keep you warm in the dead of winter. You can also use it to clean your tools after using them to change your tires.


8) Reflective Triangles

Reflective triangles project the color red to warn other drivers that there is a breakdown or crash ahead. They make it easy for motorists to see you and your car on the side of the road, especially in the dark. Reflective triangles should be placed 200m before an accident on either side of the road where they’re visible to other drivers.

9) Jumper Cables

Discovering that you have a dead battery can instantly ruin the day. Spare yourself a headache by being prepared with jumper cables. Here’s the right way to give your dead battery a boost!

10) Printed Map

Although most of us depend on our Smartphones to lead us in the right direction, keeping an old school printed map in your glove box is logical. Questionable weather conditions, including thick cloud cover, can block a GPS signal. Not to mention, your phone’s battery life won’t last forever. If your phone battery dies, having a printed map handy will save you a lot of time and stress!

Roadside Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

It’s never a good idea to sit inside your car while waiting for roadside assistance because you’re at risk of being struck by other drivers who are going full speed down the freeway. If you get hit by another car while waiting inside your vehicle, you could suffer from severe injuries due to the high impact.

Also, if it’s nighttime and you’re not comfortable waiting for roadside assistance alone, you’re welcome to call the police and have an officer wait with you until roadside assistance arrives.

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