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5 Tips for Keeping Healthy New Year’s Resolutions in 2018


As adults, we often consider how we might change our lives for the better in the new year. Then, we tend to record them in a list as if the act of creating intentions will influence our behavior. However, most of us will not keep to our New Year’s resolutions for a healthier lifestyle for long.

That’s going to change for you in 2018! Stop putting off the things you need to get your life in order (i.e. visiting our Nissan dealership in Albuquerque to find a new car). Instead, use the month of January to complete your to-do lists. With the notion of helping our readers become their best selves in 2018 in mind, we created these five resolutions, which shouldn’t be too difficult to keep.


  1. Get to the gym and meet your workout goals.Take advantage of a gym membership special, which may be available in December and January. You can save money if you resolve to go on a regular basis. Otherwise, spending money on an Albuquerque gym might just be overkill. Instead, choose another form of exercise or activity that can be performed at least two to three times per week at home. Who said you need to hit the gym to get some good fitness training in Albuquerque?
  2. Maintain healthy New Year’s resolutions for daily eating habits.There are simple solutions that benefit your body without breaking the bank. Try making meals for work in advance or use a delivery service like Blue Apron to get your premade meals. Blue Apron and services like it offer complete dinners and lunches that can be fixed at home without having to visit the supermarket. A healthier lifestyle is within reach, we promise!
  3. Schedule your daily mindfulness meditation.With our New Year resolutions for a healthier lifestyle, we want you to adopt habits that will make your life more productive and less stressful. Try an app like Calm for alerts. You can sign up for free, and their ready-made meditations will help you to relax, sleep better, and reduce anxiety. With Calm, you can choose different settings for your phone or mobile device, such as the type of background music or nature sounds that play while you breathe deeply and find your daily purpose. It’ll be like your mantra–callllllllllllllmmmmmmmm.
  4. Establish a bedtime routine, including all the tasks needed to get to bed early.The objective is to feel replenished for work the next day and to be ready to enjoy weekends. Androids and iPhones have settings that will help you to minimize disruptions to your sleep. However, with the right settings, it’s easy to allow calls and texts from work and loved ones, which you would consider urgent.


  1. Keep your vehicle clean and maintained.For example, if you own a Nissan Frontier truck, order a sliding toolbox to add a sprinkling of versatility to your truck’s bed. Other ideas include getting a center console organizer that fits your vehicle’s cabin, which can accommodate electronic devices, wipes, beverages, and more. Better yet, place an organizer behind the driver or passenger seat to organize items for the kiddos, especially toys and items that will entertain them during long car rides.

If you need help finding the right car accessory, we can help! At Melloy Nissan, we order and install authentic Nissan accessories for just about every model, from the Sentra to the Rogue Sport to the TITAN XD! Simply call our Albuquerque Nissan parts department at (505) 545-6420 to place an order and schedule a visit.

Happy New Year from Our Albuquerque Nissan Family to Yours

Many Americans feel excited about the possibilities of the New Year, but they can easily get discouraged when they can’t maintain their positive intentions. If you take a realistic approach and manage your life with mobile apps, you should achieve more of your goals. Getting into the right habits for the New Year will ease the anxiety that results from eating and spending too much over the holiday season.

From all of us at Melloy Nissan, we want to wish you a very splendid New Year! Keep chugging along and your resolutions will lead to a long-term life change. And if you need help getting through the difficult times, we’ve got a new Nissan on hand for you to try out. Visit our Nissan dealership in Albuquerque at 7707 Lomas Blvd to speak with one of our salespeople.


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