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The 2017 Chevy Trax: A New & Improved Crossover SUV


In today’s world, there are numerous options for everything. If you want a coffee, there are hundreds of variations and shops to choose from. If you want a phone, you’ll have several service providers vying for your attention and many phone styles to browse before making your selection.

The same is true with vehicles. Even after you’ve narrowed it down to a style, such as a small SUV, you’re still faced with tons of variety. How do you know which one is right for you? Below you’ll find a list of reasons why the new, updated 2017 Chevy Trax is an excellent choice for anyone shopping for a new crossover.

The Trax is a Technology-Packed Crossover

Everyone wants the newest, smartest, and best in this digital and technologically driven age—and the 2017 Chevy Trax delivers all of that, and then some.

Both iPhone and Android users will find the updated technology in the new Chevy Trax easy to use and extremely efficient. Whether you want to check your messages, play music, or look at your calendar appointments, it’s all made simple with Trax’s available smartphone compatibility and 7-inch touchscreen.

An amazing, updated feature that will appeal to the masses is Trax’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi. This built-in WiFi helps you stay connected anywhere without using up your data. Connect up to 7 devices and enjoy the strong, constant connection of WiFi right inside your own vehicle.

Trax’s technology is also revolutionizing how you operate certain features of your car. With the myChevrolet app, you can start and stop your engine, lock and unlock your doors, program navigation destinations, and even check your vehicle’s diagnostics all from the touchscreen of your phone.

Trax’s technology isn’t pulling any punches, showing that Chevy is in it to win it, and they’ve definitely made it hard for competitors to keep up.

Equipped with Chevy’s Modern Safety Features

For the past few years, car designers have put in a lot of energy and attention toward safety, creating features that are designed not only to protect you in the event of a crash but to actually help you prevent one. Trax’s updated safety systems make it one of the safest small SUVs available.

The Chevrolet Trax comes packed with some features that are almost considered standard now, such as a rear-vision camera and side blind zone alerts. But it goes beyond that; with available rear cross traffic alerts, lane departure warnings, and forward collision alerts, it’s no wonder that it’s receiving excellent ratings during its rounds of crash tests.

If the Trax is involved in an accident, it’s built to keep you safe. With ten airbags and a high-strength steel cage, you can rest assured that, despite being a small crossover, it was designed to hold its own. To keep you even more secure, Chevy has taken their safety features one step further. In addition to prevention and protection, they’ve created a sensor that detects when airbags are deployed and reactively sends an alert to an OnStar Advisor (if equipped).

A Stylish SUV for Everyone

Technology and safety are of the utmost importance, but everyone loves a stylish vehicle. There were some who didn’t love the look of the original Trax—not McCarthy/Morse Chevrolet, mind you—so Chevy spruced up the 2017 model, installing a new instrument panel, stunning touchscreen, dual-cockpit cabin design, and an athletic exterior appearance. Built to hold more than you’d expect from a small SUV, this sleek and sporty crossover was made to impress at every angle.


Not All SUVs are Created Equal

While you certainly have many options for small SUVs, there are clear winners and losers amongst them. When comparing the Trax to the Honda HR-V for instance, it’s clear to see that the Trax offers more to the average driver. The Trax offers multiple seating/cargo configurations, making it easy to store and haul your equipment, groceries, or go on a road trip with friends. The HR-V, however, doesn’t offer such luxuries. With only a 5-inch LCD screen inside standard models, The HR-V lacks refinement. Whether you’re an artist, camper, or mother driving kids to soccer practice, the Trax has everything you need.

If you’re in the Overland Park area and searching for a new vehicle, look no further than the 2017 Chevy Trax, available for sale right now at our Chevrolet dealership near Kansas City, KS. McCarthy/Morse Chevrolet offers plenty of Trax color and package options to choose from, as well as plenty of other new Chevrolet models and quality used cars. If you think that the new and improved Chevy Trax sounds like the perfect SUV for you, check out our current incentives and contact us at (913) 440-0099 today. We look forward to helping you make your dream of owning a modern crossover come true!



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