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Previewing Every Kansas City Chiefs Home Game in 2016


The next four months are bliss if you’re a fan of football. At McCarthy/Morse Chevrolet, we’re more than thrilled to bust out our Chiefs jerseys, dust off our foam arrowhead hats, and grow an Andy Reid-like mustache for the start of the 2016 season. To ramp up the excitement, we wanted to preview the Chiefs’ home games and offer some essential Kansas City football tailgating tips—hint: a 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 isn’t essential, but its towing capacity and EZ-Lift tailgate offer ultimate tailgate convenience—to help you get around Arrowhead Stadium.

Join us in cheering on our Chiefs as they look to go undefeated at home and compete for this year’s trophy!


Sunday, Sept. 11th @ 12:00 PM CST – San Diego Chargers

Rain or shine, the seats at Arrowhead Stadium will be host to 76,000-some-odd butts when the Philip Rivers-led Chargers head into KC on September 11th. Division rivalry aside, San Diego will undoubtedly have a thirst for blood after a disappointing 4 – 12 season and they’ve marked the bullseye on our own Kansas City Chiefs. Will we expand on a superb 2015 campaign and claim the AFC West division in game one? Join KC Wolf and other rabid Chiefs fans to bear witness to the rise of a championship contender.

Tailgating Tip #1: Arrive super early to get in on the action. Gates open by 8:30 AM, and “superfans” typically arrive in the wee hours of the morning, red-painted face and all. It’s all about commitment—something that Kansas City football tailgaters have in spades.

Sunday, Sept. 26th @ 3:25 PM – New York Jets

The Chiefs’ first afternoon game of the 2016 season pits then against the New York (Football) Jets, whose 10 – 6 record was one of last year’s biggest surprises. After being pushed out of the playoff picture last season, the Jets are heading into Arrowhead on September 26th with the intent of releasing some league-wide-directed anger. Let’s send Fitzy and the Tantrums back to New York with a loss, and solidify our place atop the conference.

Arrowhead Tailgating Tip #2: Arrowhead Stadium is rich in tailgating tradition (as they say on their site), which means that space is limited. If you’re planning on tailgating with a trailer attached to your Chevy Silverado or another truck, make sure you pre-purchase an Oversized parking pass.

Sunday, Oct. 23rd @ 12:00 PM – New Orleans Saints

The month-long wait for a Chiefs home game comes to an end on October 23rd when we match up with our first NFC opponent: the Saints. Headed by Drew Brees, a future first-ballot Hall of Famer, this New Orleans squad is certainly capable of bouncing back from a lackluster 2015 season—but they won’t start here in Kansas City! Let’s rack up the points on last year’s league-worst defenses, and head into week eight with a 3 – 0 home record.

Arrowhead Tailgating Tip #3: Arriving early is key if you’re to gain entry into “Chiefs Kingdom,” a holy place where barbecue reigns supreme and bacon falls from the sky. But an early-bird-catches-the-worm approach isn’t always necessary to join a tailgating party at Arrowhead; simply don some Chiefs gear, know the difference between the Tomahawk Chop and Chicken Dance, and declare your appetite to your fellow KC Chief compatriots. With some luck and a smidge of determination, you too can bask in BBQ glory.

Sunday, Nov. 6th @ 12:00 PM – Jacksonville Jaguars

Back-to-back home games against subpar defensive squads? Yes, please. The Jaguars are inarguably a young team full of potential, but their middling offense, difficult strength of schedule, and leaky secondary won’t help improve on their 5 – 11 record from 2015. This Chiefs squad is more predatory than Jacksonville’s, and it’ll show in the final boxscore. Come tackle the second half of the season before the cold hits Kansas City!

Arrowhead Tailgating Tip #4: Tailgating rules, like any unwritten law, should never be broken. Bring your own snacks and drinks, don’t grub out like Pumba, and show your support for the KC Chiefs. Whether you play host to a tailgating party or are one’s guest, don’t bend, break, or stretch these laws. Doing so sullies the tailgating tradition, and makes you look like a Broncos fan.

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Sunday, Nov. 20th @ 12:00 PM – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers’ storied forty-year history has resulted in only one championship title—which was won more than a decade ago—and a great many seasons through which they likely sleepwalked. When they head into Arrowhead on November 20th, we’ll be ready to lull them into a Buc-like slumber. Grab a full-size truck, pack it with all your pre-Thanksgiving goodies, and celebrate what should be an undefeated record on our home turf.

Arrowhead Tailgating Tip #5: There’s no better tradition than hosting a Friendsgiving tailgate at Arrowhead, but the stadium encourages you to contact them in advance, pre-purchase passes, and work with a Tailgate Suite Coordinator to make the best of a large tailgating party. Grassy patches between parking areas are ideal for large groups, but fill up quickly, so be sure to arrive early. If you’re in need of a vehicle that can cater to everyone, visit our new Chevy dealership near Kansas City for the best deals on new Silverados and other pre-owned pickups.

Thursday, Dec. 8th @ 7:35 PM – Oakland Raiders

It’s been nearly 15 years since the Raiders have had a winning season, and we’re not letting our rivals make history when they land in Kansas City for our first Thursday-nighter of the year. Primed to be a real doozy now that Oakland has a gun-slinging QB at the helm, this home game shouldn’t be missed. Proactively call in sick to work on Friday and hit the parking lot at Arrowhead for the most epic tailgating event of the year. It’s playoff time from here on out.

Arrowhead Tailgating Tip #6: Chiefs tailgaters and Truman Sports Complex employees alike are sticklers when it comes to order—and that’s a good thing. Be sure to maintain your tailgating area by clearing equipment out of driving lanes, emptying coals in designated bins, and staying calm in the event you spot a wild Raiders fan roaming near a porta john.

Sunday, Dec. 18th @ 12:00 PM – Tennessee Titans

Heisman winner Marcus Mariota showed flashes of brilliance during his rookie campaign, leading his Titans’ squad to an improved record from 2014’s season. The question is: Can he do it again in 2016? After an extended break, the Chiefs should be rested and prepped for the crafty, dual-threat quarterback when Tennessee visits Kansas City in week 16. The allure of an undefeated season could be blossoming into a reality.

Arrowhead Tailgating Tip #7: Tailgating/parking lots at Arrowhead close 60 to 90 minutes after a game, so be sure your time-management skills are up to snuff after the game ends. Pack your truck or car before kick-off, and plan accordingly for the walk back from the stadium. Exiting can be chaotic, so start practicing your routine of alternating deep breaths and cursing at random drivers.

Sunday, Dec 25th @ 7:30 PM – Denver Broncos

A Christmas gift couldn’t come packaged any better than this. A Broncos-Chiefs rivalry game? At night? In primetime? This is the grand stage for us to showcase our defensive prowess, and showcase it we shall. In what will become the final check mark in our quest for a perfect season at Arrowhead, this evening match-up should be every bit as excellent as any playoff game to come. Don’t miss out; we certainly won’t.

Arrowhead Tailgating Tip #8: Overnight parking is strictly prohibited at Arrowhead Stadium. Plan to leave with the crowds—or earlier—to avoid scornful signs from the Truman Sports Complex management team. Tow trucks are available in the event of a vehicle issue, though we suggest eliminating those risks by purchasing a new Chevrolet Silverado from McCarthy/Morse, your local Chevy truck dealer near Kansas City.

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