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Your Guide to Chevy Safety


At Chevrolet, your safety reigns supreme. Engineered to keep drivers and passengers safe, every new vehicle sold at our Lee’s Summit Chevy dealership is equipped with a suite of standard and optional safety technology that prevents collisions, protects occupants, and alerts emergency crews to respond to a detected crash. It’s this “prevent, protect, respond” approach to safety that puts Chevrolet at the top of the industry. Here’s an overview of the available systems and technology that Chevrolet employs to make their vehicles some of the safest on the road.



The key to staying safe is being proactive. Many Chevy models utilize the following preventative safety systems to keep collisions at bay.


  • Lane Keep Assist – This available alert system seeks to warn drivers when they’re drifting over road lines and between lanes. Using cameras, this feature monitors the vehicle location on the road and then nudges the vehicle into the appropriate lane if a driver doesn’t take action to correct the vehicle.
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert – This system utilizes radar sensors to actively monitor and detect oncoming vehicles (and objects) that approach from either direction. Useful when backing out of parking spaces, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert utilizes a series of rearview cameras, then warns drivers of those obstacles.
  • Forward Collision Alert – Along with Front Automatic Braking, this system warns drivers of frontward slowing or stopped vehicles, and will also apply brakes to completely avoid a low-speed collision or reduce the risk of injury and damage caused by a collision.
  • Stabilitrack® – Chevy’s electronic stability control system is standard on all Chevy vehicles. Its aim is to help drivers control their vehicles in slippery or low-traction driving environments.
  • Teen Driver – Parents can use this built-in system to keep a wary eye on their new and teenage drivers, even when they aren’t in the car. Teen Driver allows owners to set specific restrictions depending on the driver, including the ability to mute the audio when seat belts aren’t fastened, preselected speed limits (and warnings), audio volume limitations, prevention of deactivating certain safety features, and more. Parents can also view an in-vehicle report card to see how their teens are doing as solo drivers.
  • Rear Seat Reminder – When rear doors are opened or closed before a trip, the Rear Seat Reminder alerts drivers to check the back seat before exiting the vehicle.
  • Front Pedestrian Braking – If a collision with a pedestrian is detected, this system will automatically apply the brakes.
  • Side Blind-Zone Alert – This tech uses proximity sensors on both sides of the vehicle to detect objects or other automobiles in the blind zones. Drivers will then be warned by LED symbols in the side-view mirrors.
  • Rear Park Assist – Drivers can parallel park or back into parking spots with ease thanks to this sensor-based technology.


Sometimes a collision simply can’t be avoided, which is where Chevy’s state-of-the-art engineering takes center stage.


  • High-Strength Construction – Chevy vehicles are built from durable yet lightweight steel-alloy composites to protect occupants in the event of a collision. A Chevy vehicle absorbs energy produced by an impact and directs it outward and away from the cabin.
  • 360° Air Bag Technology – Most Chevrolet models come equipped with a 360-degree smart sensor system, which sets off the deployment of air bags based on the severity of a collision. For instance, a low-speed collision will result in the release of air bags that are partially inflated, as opposed to a fully inflated air bag being released during a high-speed crash.
  • Front Center Side-Impact Air Bags – As industry-first features, these side-impact air bags in the front will deploy on the inboard side of the driver’s seat, adding a layer of protection between the front passenger and driver. Currently, this air bag technology is available on the new Chevy Traverse, Suburban, and Tahoe, and should be equipped on other future Chevy models.


After an accident, stress can become unbearable. With Chevy’s built-in responses technology, you can rest assured knowing that help is on the way, even if you’re unable to call for it.


  • OnStar Service – Chevy vehicles come equipped with OnStar Automatic Crash Response systems. These systems alert an OnStar Advisor when a collision has occurred, who will then contact the driver to verify if help is needed. If a driver is unresponsive, OnStar will use your vehicle’s GPS location and request emergency help. OnStar service is available on most Chevrolet models.

Our Inventory Offers Safety in Numbers

At McCarthy Chevrolet Lee’s Summit, offering affordable pricing on the safest vehicles on the market is our bread and butter. We have hundreds of the newest 2016 and 2017 Chevrolet models available, including the award-winning Chevy Volt and Chevy Equinox, so don’t wait to make the most of your new year. Visit your McCarthy Chevrolet dealer near Kansas City to test drive and purchase or lease a family-friendly car, truck, SUV, or minivan today!

Browse our online selection of new Chevy models or swing by our showroom at 945 SE Oldham Parkway in Lee’s Summit, MO, to view any of our new or used vehicles (after all, we are a premier Lee’s Summit used car dealer). We also invite you to call our sales team at 816-200-0908 to learn more about Chevy’s available safety technology, our current Chevrolet incentives, or to schedule a test drive in a new car.




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