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8 Halloween Ideas to Make Your House Scariest on the Block


There’s always that one house on the block that aims to frighten, entertain, and delight trick-or-treaters every Halloween. You know the one—the wisps of fog billowing out from a witch’s cauldron, the scarecrow that looks far too real for its own good, and the lights from roof to ground. Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or have paid your HOA fees for decades, it’s time to step up your game and match that house light for light.

Check out our list of the top 10 Halloween decoration ideas below, and be sure to visit our showroom for spooky-good deals on the latest and greatest new Chevy models in Lee’s Summit! Even on Halloween, when mischief runs rampant and pranks turn foul, you can always trust in McCarthy Chevrolet, the local Chevy dealership near Kansas City.

8. Tiny Apparitions = Big Scares

Nothing frightens us more than the unknown and unseen. When the unseen involves child-sized phantoms who seem to float all willy-nilly, that’s where the line between frightening and terrifying is drawn.


Photo source:

What you’ll need:

This one may look complicated, but it’s much easier than you’d expect. First, position the doll outside in a super-creepy way; sitting on a ledge, staring into the corner, crawling on all fours—any position works, really. Then wrap the sheet or fabric around the doll to add a sinister effect and spray the bejeezus out of it with fabric stiffener. Let it dry for a few hours in the sun, remove the doll, and carefully move the ghostly figure into place. You’ll scare even strong-willed adults if done well.

7. The Houses have Eyes

If you’ve got a few extra glow sticks, scotch tape from last year’s Christmas, and a collection of cardboard tubes—paper towel or last year’s Christmas wrapping paper rolls all work well—this should be a simple DIY project that’ll set the mood on your front porch. Oh, and you’ll need some scissors.


Photo Source:

Cut the rolls out to fit the glow sticks, trace a set of eyes, and snip snip snip away ever so carefully. When you’re done, just activate the glow stick and tape it to the inside of the tube. Attach them to the banisters, spindles, or walls on your porch using tape, string, or nails. If you live in the Kansas City area, dusk should set before 7 PM, which is the perfect time to start hanging these eerie eyes.

6. Spooky Jellyfish Lighting

If you went a bit overboard and bought a boatload of glow sticks, this DIY Halloween decoration should help do away with the rest of them—and it’s a fun family project, too!


Photo source:

What you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Balloons
  • Water
  • Rope or string that’ll hold an ample amount of weight
  • Zip ties (optional)
  • Old stockings or similar mesh sleeves cut into 2’ or 3’ lengths
  • Your ingenuity

Start by snapping the glow sticks and stuffing them into the balloons. Fill them with water and tie them off. If you were able to scrounge up some old stockings, carefully put the water balloon into the heel without succumbing to the urge to swing it into someone’s face. If you’ve got mesh sleeves, use zip ties to close one end securely and do the same with the water balloon. Hang them up using the string or rope (if you move the Chevy out of your garage, the door might serve you well), and the rest is history.

5. Space: The Pumpkin Frontier

Become a kid again and imagine you’re within arm’s reach of the constellations. This pumpkin carving design is easily the least-scary yet most creative we’ve seen, and it deserves a nod on this list.


Photo source:

What you’ll need:

  • Pumpkin
  • Knife
  • Chalkboard spray paint
  • White chalk
  • Drill or old screwdriver
  • Candle or battery-powered stringed lights

View the directions for this DIY Halloween decoration at Instead of battery-powered stringed lights, you can also use a candle or two.

4. Spider-Pumpkin Mutations

The spider theme continues with these cute yet skin-crawling Halloween decorations.

What you’ll need:

  • Black Chenille stems/pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Small knife
  • Small pumpkins (Jack Be Little pumpkins are perfect)
  • Tea light candles

Begin by getting into the mindset of a doll, then hollow out your miniature pumpkins with a super-sharp miniature knife—with the utmost of care, of course—about an inch deep. Using your scissors, cut your black Chenille stems into equally sized lengths to mimic the legs of a spider. Strip away a half-inch of the Chenille fabric, leaving the wire bare. Pop eight of those into place to the side of the pumpkins hollowed area. When it’s time to delight the Trick-or-Treaters, put the candles inside and flick a lighter to their wicks.

3. Haunting Mason Jar Decorations

For a perfect family arts-and-crafts project this Halloween, look no further than these mason jar luminaries. You’ll need a slew of mason jars, gauze, tissue paper, adhesive (clear Elmer’s glue works), other Halloween-like decorations, and tea light candles. Oh, and don’t forget the scissors. Create one or many, and be creative with your designs. Read more detailed instructions at


Photo source:

2. The Outline of a Ghost in Chicken Wire

This wraith-like outline will haunt the deepest corners of your soul—which makes it the quintessential Halloween ghost decoration, especially if you host a haunted house outside of Kansas City.

Photo source:

We won’t even consider detailing it out here, but you can read the instructions and guide at It’ll be quite a project, but the final product should be well worth the effort.

1. Zoinks! A G-G-G-Ghost!

The only thing missing from this image of a physics-defying ghost is the Mystery Machine van in the background with Scooby and the Gang heading for the hills.

Photo source: grimhallowhaunt

With a little creativity and woodworking know-how, you too can own one of these truly frightening Halloween decorations. Read the step-by-step directions at grimhollowhaunt, and prepare to tally up the screams and jumps from kids and parents alike come October 31st.

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