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7 Cool Ways to Beat the Summer Heat in Kansas City


As summer heats up in Kansas City, the dread of even walking to your car sets in and sticks like glue until the temperatures begin to fall. But just because your thermometer spikes up toward triple digits doesn’t mean you have to go into fun withdrawal.

Fun summer activities for kids

At McCarthy Chevrolet of Lee’s Summit, we know all too well that the bump in temperature makes it difficult to go through a day without wrist and headbands soaking up sweat. With hopes that you’ll find a reprieve from the heat, here are seven of our and the community’s favorite Kansas City hotspots coolspots. Give the family a break from the humidity and plan your summer around these attractions and facilities, and be sure to check out our Chevy dealership near Kansas City if your current car simply isn’t cool enough. 

1. Oceans of Fun (

As part of the Worlds of Fun Amusement Park, Oceans of Fun is one of Kansas City’s largest and most exciting outdoor water parks. With as many slide spirals as there are water molecules (ok, that’s an embellishment), Oceans of Fun is packed full of kid- and adult-friendly features. The Aruba Tube attraction is a 400-foot slide that ends with a gut-yanking drop of over 40 feet straight into Coconut Grove—a favorite amongst teens who seek the approval of their high school crushes. For those who enjoy relaxation over thrills, Buccaneer Bay should exceed all expectations. Kayak (or paddle around in a swan boat) across the Buccaneer Bay’s five-acre lake and soak in the sun for as long as that sunscreen lasts. Cool off at Splash Island when you’re done and find out why Oceans of Fun’s newest splash pad is one of the best in Kansas City.

Don’t wait for the temperatures to break you down. Plan your getaway at Oceans of Fun today, and tackle the outdoor heat in the only enjoyable way possible.

2. iFly Indoor Skydiving (

If the Wright brothers were alive today, they’d be pulling their jaws off the floor at the sights of human flight. Thanks to their plight, places like Kansas City’s iFly Indoor Skydiving facility make dreams of flying a reality—without the associated risk of being sky-high inside a metal contraption. After proper training from skydiving professionals, you’ll gear up and soar to new heights within the confines of a safe chamber. It’ll feel like leaping tall buildings in a single bound is doable, and the iFly staff won’t stop you from trying.

The activity is great for all ages three and up, and will certainly make you forget about the sweat-inducing temperatures. Book your flight at iFly and prepare to be blown away.

3. Great Wolf Lodge (

With more than 38,000 square feet of pools, water slides, and splash pads, the Great Wolf Lodge is one of Kansas City’s most treasured indoor water parks and resorts. Perfectly suited for families large and small, the resort aims to treat its guests with 84-degree water and themed hotel suites. But its pièce de résistance comes in the form of a winding slide called the Triple Twist—a KC favorite, and for good reason. Labeled as “high-thrill,” the Triple Twist is the first of its kind, offering sudden drops into three separate funnels and twists to delight the daredevil in all of us. For fun-lovers of a smaller stature, Fort Mackenzie is the place to be. As perhaps the most massive tree house forts in Kansas City, Fort Mackenzie is a multi-level gym with a 1000-gallon tipping bucket, multiple splash areas, and climbing features. Kids and adults of all ages won’t be able to get enough.

Enjoy 100% summer fun this year, not 100% humidity. Plan your stay at Great Wolf Lodge to take advantage of one of the area’s best facilities—indoor or out.

4. Topgolf in Overland Park (

If you’re like many of us at McCarthy Chevrolet in Lee’s Summit, you love to swing a golf club and hear the whoosh of a perfect drive down the fairway. If only there were another way to play the game without slathering on sunscreen and sweating profusely into a visor. Enter Topgolf: the solution to all those excessive problems of perspiration. As a premier indoor golf and entertainment complex in Overland Park, Topgolf combines our love of smashing a tiny ball with our necessity to eat and drink. The new facility has over three floors and 100-plus play areas, a rooftop terrace, always-on HDTVs, and a restaurant. Challenge your friends to eighteen holes or a unique point-scoring game, and relish in their defeat.

Open year-round, Topgolf also offers golf lessons and classes for everyone from children to ladies and beginners to novices. Ditch the golf cart and enjoy an indoor course this summer. Watch their Youtube video!

5. CoCo Key Water Resort (

Themed water parks don’t come much better than this 55,000 square foot resort. Designed in the vein of Key West, CoCo Key Water Resort features lazy rivers, more than five water slides, whirlpools, and just about everything else you’d expect from a state-of-the-art indoor waterpark. Our favorites? The Dip-In area is perfect for babies and toddlers who’ve just begun to enjoy bath time. The Parrot’s Perch is an aquatic jungle gym that is simply a marvel in waterpark architecture. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the rentable poolside cabanas—as close to paradise on Earth as we’ve ever seen.

Beat the Kansas City heat one weekend this summer. Bring the family to CoCo Key and experience an aquatic adventure like never before.

6. KC Sports Lodge (

Fun summer activities in KC

Photo source: KC Sports Lodge Facebook


As Kansas City’s newest indoor sports facilities, the KC Sports Lodge is home to more than just four walls and a gymnasium. This 70,000 square-foot facility uniquely offers FieldTurf playing surfaces in addition to more standard flooring, and wall-separated areas that allow more flexibility for team sports, such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, flag football, and more. The KC Sports Lodge also offers classes and developmental programs that aim to educate, train, and support young athletes in their sporting endeavors.

Steer clear of the ridiculous temperatures and host your child’s birthday party at the KC Lodge this summer. Parents will love you for it.

7. Matt Ross Community Center Pools (

The Matt Ross Community Center (MRCC) was designed for families to enjoy state-of-the-art activities, facilities, and programs. As a local Chevy dealer near Kansas City, MO, we’ve come to love the center’s myriad features, including three community pools. Their leisure pool has a maximum depth of 3-feet-6-inches and is always-soothing 86 degrees. Perfect for toddlers and younger children, this pool also boasts an 18-foot water slide, a 110-foot lazy river, and a water bucket. The lap pool is designed for swimmers, trainers, and other athletes. With four lanes, the 25-yard pool is a main feature of the community center. The third and most adult-friendly feature of the MRCC is the hot water spa. With space to comfortably seat 12, the spa is as relaxing a getaway as there is without leaving Kansas City.

The MRCC is open to members and non-members alike and is an ideal facility to host child birthday parties. Or, you know, to swim.

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The dread of walking to your car in the summer heat is only exacerbated by knowing you’ll melt into a puddle once behind the wheel. With our exceptional Chevy special offers and incentives, you can buy a new Chevy that has dual-zone AC to cool you down quicker, erasing that dread within moments of turning the key. Sound appealing? We thought so.

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Keep Our Roads Safe – Don’t Text and Drive

Too many lives have been lost due to the tempting urge to text while driving which is why McCarthy Auto Group is taking a strong stand against texting and driving. Studies prove that teens who text and drive spend approximately 10% of their driving time outside of their lane. There is also a minimum of 5 seconds where the driver’s attention is taken away from the road when sending a text message. These frightening statistics provide significant reasons for why we at McCarthy Auto Group are determined to stop texting and driving.

McCarthy Auto Group is proud to support Miss Johnson County 2016 and Miss Kansas Kendall Schoenekase in her Kansas Care Campaign to keep both Kansas and Missouri roads safe. Kendal shares her impactful story about why she started her Kansas Care Campaign on her website, and she is passionate about putting an end to texting and driving.

With amazing new technologies offered in our many of our vehicles at McCarthy Auto Group, texting while driving can be prevented and McCarthy Auto Group is committed to keeping our Kansas and Missouri roads safe. If you have been affected by texting and driving and want to get involved, you can visit Kendall Schoenekase’s Facebook page to get more information and let your voice be heard. McCarthy Auto Group wants everyone to be safe on the roads, but it all starts with you. Save a life… don’t text and drive.




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