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Buying a New vs. Used Car: Which is Right for You?


There are many things to consider when buying a car. Apart from the color, model, features, and price, one of the key decisions you must make is whether to buy a new car or a used one.

Buying a new car vs a used car

Here at McCarthy Chevrolet Lee’s Summit, your preferred Chevy dealership near Kansas City MO, we want you to make an informed choice when purchasing a vehicle from our dealership. So we’ve put together the following information which describes the benefits of buying a new car vs. the benefits of purchasing a used vehicle.

Advantages of Buying a New Car:

  • You can get exactly what you want – Buying a brand-new car means that you can order it to your exact tastes with all the accessories, options, and colors that you want. And your new-car salesperson can do all the “heavy lifting” for you by looking for the exact car that suits your needs.


  • No one else has driven the car -When you drive your new car off the lot for the first time, you’ll be the first person to have driven it. That means the car doesn’t come with any “excess baggage” from a previous owner. You’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that it’s completely yours from the moment you turn the key.


  • You’ll get full warranty protection – With practically zero miles on the odometer, you’ll be getting the full benefit of your new car’s factory warranty. New Chevys, for example, come with a three year/36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, as well as a five-year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty. That means years of carefree driving without worrying about expensive repair bills.


  • You’ll have the latest technology – From navigation and Bluetooth® to 4G LTE WI FI and “infotainment” systems, the newest cars come with the newest technology. If being on top of your high-tech game is important to you, then a new car with all the “bells and whistles” may be what you’re after.


  • You’ll get the most cutting-edge safety features – Each year cars are getting safer and safer thanks to such breakthroughs as rearview cameras, front-end collision avoidance, lane departure and blind-spot warning systems, adaptive cruise control, and advanced dual-stage airbags. You’ll get the best safety technology available when you buy new.


  • You’ll get better fuel economy and lower emissions – Engine technology continues to evolve, and that means the newest cars on the lot will have the best combination of performance, fuel economy and lower emissions. Advancements in electric/hybrid technology push this boundary even further.


  • You’ll get a better financing deal -Because new cars are worth more, banks will generally give you a lower financing rate. Add in other new-car dealer and manufacturer incentives and you may find buying a new car makes better financial sense.

Advantages of Buying a Pre-Owned Car:
  • Pre-owned cars are less expensive – In terms of “bang for your buck,” buying a used car simply costs less. You still may get close to what you want in terms of style, options, and features. You should also note that our GM-Certified Pre-owned vehicles here at McCarthy Chevrolet Lee’s Summit are rigorously inspected so you can buy with confidence.


  • Used cars are already “pre-depreciated” – Every new car loses some value over time, especially in the first year of ownership. But with a pre-owned vehicle, some of that depreciation has been soaked up by the previous owner.


  • A pre-owned car won’t be cosmetically perfect – And that can be a good thing if you don’t want to worry about getting that first noticeable scratch in your new car’s paint job, or that first parking-lot door ding.


  • You’ll get a lower insurance rate – Generally speaking, the older a car is the cheaper it is to insure. But this varies from model to model, so do your homework before you buy.


  • You’ll pay lower registration fees – Many states base their registration fees on the age of the car. The older the car, the less you’ll pay to register it.


  • You’ll have more to choose from – Here at McCarthy Chevrolet Lee’s Summit, we have a large inventory of quality pre-owned vehicles from a variety of different manufacturers, which means more choices for you. It may take a bit longer to find the particular car with the features you want, but in the end it could be worth it.
Make the Right Choice at McCarthy Chevrolet Lee’s Summit
Regardless of whether you choose to buy a new 2015 Chevy or a used car, purchasing it from our Chevy dealership here in Lee’s Summit is always the right choice. Selection, savings, and service are just three reasons why buying a car is such a pleasurable experience at our dealership. Take advantage of exceptional deals and money-saving manufacturer incentives on our wide variety of Chevy vehicles. Visit our Chevrolet dealership near Kansas City today, conveniently located in Lee’s Summit at 945 SE Oldham Parkway. To contact our sales department, please call 888-769-1821. To reach our service department, please call (888) 720-6704, or schedule a service appointment online.

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