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10 Hip Father’s Day Gifts for 2016


The line between hype and hip can sometimes be indiscernible. Self-driving cars? Probably hip. 3D TVs? Total hype. Hashtags? #stillhip. Shake Weights? Not so much.

But however invisible the line, there’s a reason why trends like flannel shirts tied around waists, fauxhawk haircuts, and MySpace became popular: they were cool at the time. And while your dad will always be hip in his own way, he may need a little help catching up to the times.

Help him stay on the right side of history with these probably-hip gifts for Father’s Day 2016, compiled by your friends at McCarthy Chevrolet in Olathe.

10. Siva Cycle Atom Bicycle-powered Charger

Siva Cycle Atom Bicycle-powered Charger

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Renewable. Sustainable. Environmentally friendly. Terms so trendy you might as well ship them off to Amsterdam to open up a gluten-free muffin shop.

But at Siva Cycle, these terms aren’t viewed as fads to be thrown out with the bathwater. Instead, they’re emblematic to the heart and soul of a company that seeks to change how the world utilizes technology.

With the Atom, the company’s flagship bike-powered generator, users can convert cycling energy into power for smartphones, tablets, GoPro cameras, lights, and much more. Pedaling loads up the frame-mounted MAH battery, which can then be used to charge a device with the built-in USB cord. It’s no Chevy, but it’s certainly a perfect mix of minimalism and modernism.

Price: $150 or less.

9. R2-D2 USB Car Charger

R2-D2 USB Car Charger

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What dad isn’t a fan of Star Wars?

ThinkGeek’s R2-D2 car charger is a tiny replica of the droid we all love, and has two built-in USB charging ports, each providing 2.1 Amps of charging power. When devices are connected or disconnected, the iconic R2-D2 boop-boop-beep-boop sound is emitted, alerting dads to prepare for flashbacks of the time they pretended their 70s Camaro could make the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs.

Gift your dad some nostalgia, and let him nerd out in the car whenever he wants.

Price: Under $40.

8. BlueFire Endoscope Snake Camera

Technology’s come a long way over the years: now you can attach a camera to your smartphone and look down a drain.

BlueFire’s endoscope camera is the ideal DIY device to pinpoint pipe leaks, locate misplaced wedding bands, and discover repulsive clumps of hair. At 2 meters long, the camera is completely waterproof and has 6 LED lights built into the end.

Price: Under $50 (purchase on Amazon).

7. Wink Relay Touchscreen Wall Controller

Gone are the days where dainty switches or dials control the household. No longer must we walk to dim our lights. No longer are we confined to the driveway if we want to open and close the garage door. No longer must we venture away from the warmth of the blankets to adjust the heat.

The Wink Relay pushes any home into the 21st century by connecting everything from ceiling fans to security systems to door locks into a single controller. Using the Wink smartphone app, you can also set timers for things like lights and AC, track energy usage and make adjustments to stay within a budget, and check on locked doors.

Smart homes are the next big thing.

Price: $200 and under. Professional installation is recommended.

6. WORX Landroid M Cordless Robotic Lawn Mower

WORX Landroid M Cordless Robotic Lawn Mower

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Every father counts down the days until their child becomes a teenager—so he can pawn the mowing chores off on them. Those who’ve been yard slaves in the past know this is a universal truth. But 2016 is the year teenagers get to finally shout from the rooftops: Let the robot do it!

Right out of the box, the WORX Landroid goes straight to what it does best. Using advanced AI algorithms, the Landroid creates mowing paths for lawns up to 10,000 square feet and returns to its base when rain is detected or its battery needs charged. The silent motor is nearly undetectable, so neighbors won’t hear it mowing every night at 2 a.m.

With this robotic marvel, you and your dad can expect the greenest, cleanest-cut lawn this side of Timbuktu, all without lifting any fingers.

Price: Under $1000.

5. Dip Your Car Peelable Auto Paint

Instead of paying to have your dad’s car professionally painted this Father’s Day, think about investing in something a bit more experimental and temporary.

Dip Your Car’s peel-off paint gives owners the opportunity to test out car colors with little risk. To use, just spray on the paint, let it dry, and peel it off when it’s time for a change. Think of it as makeup for your dad’s car. Dip Your Car offers a variety of colors and even peel-off paint for wheels.

Price: Varies.

4. Brookstone Laser Projection Keyboard

Brookstone Laser Projection Keyboard

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Dads are prone to autocorrect blunders, as you may be aware. With Brookstone’s virtual keyboard, your father can avoid some of those slip-ups, though he’ll still have his moments.

Paired with most Bluetooth-ready phones, laptops, or tablets, this nifty gadget projects a vibrant red or green keyboard onto any flat surface. Perfect for on-the-go dads who use their phones for work.

Price: Varies based on model.

3. Gibbs Sports Amphibious Vehicles

Gibbs Sports Amphibious Vehicles

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The Gibbs Sports product line looks to have jumped straight out of a Bond film. Although we don’t quite know what’s going on here, we like what we see.

With the Biski, Triski, and Quadski – what are terms Jeff Spicoli would use in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” Alex? – Gibbs Sports has created the most unique land-water hybrid vehicles we’ve ever seen. If your dad is an avid trail rider and water skier, this might just give him the best of both worlds.

Price: Unknown. Contact seller.

2. Sriracha Keychains

Sriracha Keychains

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For some, Sriracha is a sweetly hot condiment they enjoy every once in a while. For others, it’s a life-affirming chili sauce that is used to drench everything from PBJs to tuna salad, and using any other condiment would be treason. If the latter sounds like your dad, pick up a couple of these Sriracha travel companions for Father’s Day.

Available in various packages, these tiny Sriracha bottles are keychain-ready and can be refilled when needed. Never let Dad take the car keys without one of these attached.

Price: Varies.

1. Bacon-scented Soap Bar

Bacon-scented Soap Bar

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Ahhhh, the fresh smell of bacon in the morning. Or in the midmorning. Or after lunch. Or before bedtime.

That’s simply what this is: soap that smells like bacon. Why not bathe in the aroma of pan-fried bacon? What, are you too good to smell like bacon 24/7?

We didn’t think so.

Price: Under $10.

For Father’s Day (June 19) make sure you’ve put some effort into celebrating Dad. Whether these absolutely-super-hip gifts speak to you or something else comes to mind, we’re confident your dad will love it.

Visit McCarthy Chevrolet for Even More Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If all else fails on the gift-giving front, you can always browse the inventory of new Chevy cars at McCarthy Chevrolet, a premier Chevrolet dealer near Kansas City. As a leading new and used car dealership in Olathe, we’d be happy to assist you in choosing his gift. Call us at 877-460-5408 to schedule a test drive, or visit our showroom at 675 North Rawhide Drive in Olathe, KS.



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