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12 Great Christmas Gifts for the Car Enthusiast on Your List


It’s not always easy to find the perfect Christmas present for the car lover in your life. After all, there are so many options to choose from! To help you on your adventure to wrap that awesome car gift this holiday season, we’ve put together this handy list.

Creative Car-Themed Gifts

Some car lovers have everything they need—or at least, they think they do. But there are still plenty of unique car-related products you can wrap up and place under their tree this year.



  • Speedometer cufflinks can help your business-minded friend show off his love of cars at the office. These antique, silver-plated cuff links feature real glass cabochons and are nickel-free so they won’t cause an allergic reaction.
  • This hard iPhone case turns a boring iPhone into an elegant 3D SportsCar. It’s a sure conversation-starter that makes your friend’s phone unique and easily identifiable.
  • Timing Chain and Gears Wall Clock is a perfect gift for the home or shop. This clock turns an old engine timing gear and chain into a stunning work of art that any car enthusiast would love to have on their wall.

Useful Car Upgrades

Although older cars might be close to the heart, they aren’t up to date with regards to the latest automotive technology. You can help your friend or family member modernize their older car with a thoughtful accessory, such as one of these:



  • The No Blind Spot rearview mirror from Hammacher Schlemmer is also a great car upgrade. This mirror provides a whopping 180-degree view so you can instantly see across 5 lanes of traffic, enhancing safety and reducing the chance of an accident.
  • A Bluetooth cassette adapter will turn an old car’s cassette player into a wireless Bluetooth receiver. With this adapter, the recipient can listen to music from his Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or even make hands-free phone calls.
  • A dashcam makes a wonderful present. This gift will help car lovers keep an extra pair of eyes on the road, and can be very useful in the event of a collision. One of the best dashcams on the market today is the NextBase In-Car Dashcam Camera. This dashcam has a wide, 120-degree viewing angle to capture everything.

Stylish Car Accessories

Car aficionados are always searching for things that will make their vehicle look better. This Christmas, help them out by giving them one of these stylish car accessories:

  • This Underdash LED Lighting Kit will turn any car into a modern marvel that others will envy. It has a control box that allows you to switch between 7 different lighting options, and it can be activated with sound.


Practical Car Kits

Car kits are great gifts because they’re useful and pragmatic. There are various car kits with different styles and features to choose from, including the following:



  • Glove Box Car Jump Starter makes recharging a dead battery simple, fast, and easy. Simply plug the starter into the cigarette lighter and jump-start the vehicle without having to leave the driver’s seat. It can recharge a dead battery in just 10 minutes.
  • An Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator can be a lifesaver when a tire goes flat in the middle of nowhere. This inflator by Hammacher Schlemmer automatically turns off when the correct tire PSI is reached. It comes with a handy LED light for nighttime emergencies.

Still can’t decide what to give your car lover? Bring your Christmas gift list to our car dealership in Marshall, MO. We can order specific OEM Chevy, Buick, or GMC car accessories for that special someone in your life, and our technicians will even install them! Be sure to check out our current GM service coupons and car parts specials for money-saving deals.

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