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Why Trading In Your Car Makes More Sense


You’ve taken great care of her over the years. Her paint job and interior still look almost new. You’ve stayed current with all service and maintenance intervals. She still drives like a champ. But she’s getting a bit long in the tooth. So while you can still get the best resale value for her, maybe it’s time to either sell your used car or trade it in for a new one from McCarthy Chevy Buick GMC in Marshall, MO.

But before you do, you should weigh the pros and cons of selling your used car on the open market or taking it to our dealership and using it for a trade in toward a new vehicle. So that you can make an informed decision that’s right for you, we’ve broken down the key reasons why trading in your car just makes more sense in the long run. We’ll also tell you about our incredible 120% above “Black Book” trade-in value offer. More on that later.key-advantages-of-tradingHere are some of the key advantages of trading in a vehicle versus selling it yourself:

1.It’s Easier Than Selling It Yourself

If you want to avoid the hassle of posting your used car on Craigslist or in the classified section of the Marshall Democrat-News, then you’ll appreciate the convenience of using it as a trade-in. You won’t have people calling you at all hours of the day and you won’t have to deal with any “seedy” characters who may make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. If you sell your used car to a private party and it has some unforeseen mechanical issues, you may open yourself up to additional hassles from a dissatisfied buyer wanting their money back.

2. You’ll Get A Fair Value For Your Trade

Let’s face it, if you sell your car yourself, you’re in for a lot of haggling with potential buyers who are determined to get you to sell your car for the lowest price possible. Plus, you may have to wait for the buyer to come back with a certified check, money order, or cash once you’ve made the sale. We mentioned earlier that McCarthy Chevrolet Buick GMC offers up to 120% of your trade-in’s “Black Book” fair trade value. Similar to Kelly Blue Book, the “Black Book” is an independent service that dealers across the country use every day to evaluate trade-ins.

3. You Don’t Have To Keep Paying Car Insurance & Maintenance

If you still intend to drive your used car while trying to sell it, you still have to continue paying for car insurance, maintenance, and gas. When you trade your car in at McCarthy Chevrolet Buick GMC, you just bring the car in, make a deal and that’s it.

4. You May Get A Tax Break

In some cases, you may only have to pay sales tax on the price difference between your trade-in and the new car you’re buying rather than the full price of the vehicle. However, you’ll have to pay sales tax on whatever you sell your car for. Check with the DMV for more specific information.

5. You Can Trade In Your Car Even If You Still Owe Money

It’s okay if you still owe money on your used car trade-in. The amount you still owe will be factored into the purchase price of the new vehicle. If you find yourself stuck with a car loan that’s got a high-interest rate, trading in your car could be a great way to get out of a bad loan and into a new car, sometimes for less than what you were originally paying.

6. You Can Leverage The Car’s Positive Equity

If your trade-in is paid for and in good condition, you’ll most likely be able to apply the vehicle’s positive equity as part of the down payment on a new Chevy, Buick, or GMC from our Marshall, MO used car dealership. This will help to lower your monthly payment, or there may even be enough equity that you won’t have to come up with any additional down payment.

7. You Can Sell Your Car To Our Dealership

Here at McCarthy Chevrolet Buick GMC we’re always looking for pre-owned top-quality vehicles. Even if you aren’t in the market for a new car today, you can still sell your used car to us. We’ll pay top dollar for your quality used vehicle, regardless of whether or not you buy another car from us.

8. McCarthy Exchange Program Is An Added Benefit

As you can see, there are many advantages to trading in your used car versus selling it yourself. But one of the biggest benefits is our exclusive McCarthy Exchange Program. If you previously purchased your car from our dealership, this program makes it possible for you to exchange your vehicle for a brand-new Chevy, Buick or GMC truck while keeping your same, or even lower, monthly payment with little or no money down. We’ll perform a free, no-obligation evaluation of your vehicle. You may be surprised to learn that your car is worth more than you think. Plus, we’ll give you the added incentive of up to $500 trade-in bonus cash to sweeten the deal.Exchange-todayMake The Right Choice At McCarthy Chevrolet Buick GMC

Life is all about choices. So when it comes to trading your car in for a new car in Marshall, MO, let us show you that buying a new Chevy, Buick, or GMC truck from our dealership is the right choice.

Whether or not you are trading in a vehicle, we make it easy with exceptional savings on our entire inventory of new 2016 and 2017 Chevys, Buicks, and GMC trucks. Take advantage of exclusive money-saving offers and GM manufacturer incentives. Save even more on our large inventory of “like-new” GM-Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. We also have an excellent selection of quality used cars under $15,000 near Kansas City to choose from.

We invite you to stop by the new McCarthy Chevrolet Buick GMC in Marshall, MO and find out for yourself why our customer service, selection, value, and quality simply can’t be beaten. We’re conveniently located at 1550 W. Arrow St. Marshall, MO 65340. For more information, or to schedule a test drive, please call us today at 888-349-0386. To reach our Service Department, please call 888-301-7531.



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