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Surviving the Back to School Blues | 12 Tips


From kindergarten to grad school, the rapidly approach fall means it’s time once again to hit the books, memorize your locker combination, and pack your school gear in that shiny new backpack. Going back to school can be a period of stress for the entire family as new routines obliterate that laid-back summer vibe. But with some simple planning, you can survive the back to school blues and make transitioning into the new school year a more pleasurable experience.

Your friends here at Mazda of Elk Grove have gathered 12 helpful back-to-school tips to help you and your family ease into the academic routine.


1) Get a Head Start on New Schedules

Give your kids time to adjust by starting their school schedules about a week early, so they get used to waking up at an earlier hour.

2) Calm Their Nerves

If your child is anxious about starting school, share happy memories from the previous year, all the fun activities that lie ahead, and the new things they’ll learn.

3) Get Paperwork in Order

Have all important paperwork, such immunization records, completed ahead of time. Make copies of all key school documents and put them in a folder so you know where they are.

how-to-make-going-back-to-school-easier4) Build New Friendships

Encourage your child to get involved in various school activities that suit his or her skill level and interests. If they are shy, practice simple ways to start a conversation with classmates.

5) Stick to a Routine

Create a structured home environment with regular routines for homework, dinner, TV and playtime, and bedtime. Find a quiet place in the home for studying and homework.

6) Create a Family Calendar

Put up a calendar of all family and school-related activities in a place, like the kitchen, where everyone gathers. Mark important dates to help keep everyone informed and on track.

7) Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Pack healthy lunches filled with fresh fruit and 100% fruit juice. Review the cafeteria menu and guide your child to healthy choices.

8) Sleep is Important

Lack of sleep makes it difficult to concentrate and can lead to headaches and other ailments. Encourage bedtimes prior to 10 p.m.

9) Set Limits on Entertainment

Encourage kids and teens to limit listening to music, playing video games, watching TV, and using their smartphones or computers.

10) Pack Ahead of Schedule

If heading off to college, create a checklist of the things you’ll need in advance and avoid taking unnecessary items. Be realistic and practical.

11) Get Your Dorm Room Together

The first thing after arriving on campus should be unpacking and setting up your living space. The sooner you get this done, the more time you’ll have to get accustomed to college life.

12) Get Organized

From healthy snacks to textbooks, everything should have a place. Organize assignments and reading materials at the beginning of the semester; rather than haphazardly. Use sticky notes to label textbooks, so you can match the correct textbook to the right class.

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