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Mazda of Elk Grove’s “Top 10” Summer Car Care Tips


Summer is heating up here in Elk Grove and the greater Sacramento area. So now is the time to make sure your car is ready to take on the sweltering summer months. In honor of David Letterman’s recent departure from late night television, we here at Mazda of Elk Grove have put together our own “Top 10” list of essential summer care car tips that will help ensure your vehicle will be running in tip-top shape this summer.


  1. Keep your engine clean – When dirt, grime and grease builds up on the engine block they make it run hotter than normal. A good professional steam cleaning at your local car wash will solve this problem. Or, you can go to a self-service wash and use a high-pressure sprayer. Just remember to cover the battery, fuse box, and other electrical components. And wait until the engine is dry before driving off.
  2. Inspect your brake fluid and power steering fluid levels – It’s easy to check these levels thanks to clear plastic reservoirs in today’s modern vehicles, like all of our new 2015 Mazdas. If you plan to add fluids yourself, always use a clean container to avoid contamination.
  3. Change your oil, oil filter, and transmission fluid – Oil is your car’s lifeblood. Dirty oil can reduce performance and make your engine run hotter and less smoothly. The same can be said for your transmission. Have both checked and/or replaced by an automotive professional, like our ASE-certified technicians here at Mazda of Elk Grove.
  4. Check your hoses and belts – Heat is the enemy of rubber belts and hoses. Hoses should be firm, not soft, so check for soft spots; especially where the hose connects directly to the radiator or engine. You should also visually inspect belts for cracks and damage. If the belt looks very slick or smooth that’s a bad sign. Have our service pros at Mazda of Elk Grove inspect and/or replace these important parts for you.
  5. Keep your car cool – Parking your car in the garage or in the shade will help prolong the life of your paint job, as well as keep the interior from fading and plastic from cracking. Invest in a good quality sunshade to keep things cool on the inside.
  6. Check your air filters – A dirty air filter can rob you of performance, affect gas mileage, and make your engine run less efficiently. Also, a dirty cabin air filter can make your AC work too hard. Check your owner’s manual for the specific location and recommended change intervals.
  7. Inspect your coolant – Check your coolant level by looking at the plastic coolant reservoir. Your owner’s manual will give you the exact location. Warning! Do not ever open the radiator cap when the car is hot to avoid injury.
  8. Have your air conditioning checked – You should have your air conditioning checked by a certified mechanic on a yearly basis. If you notice that your AC isn’t blowing as cold as it used to, you may have a leak. Adding refrigerant is only a temporary fix for this. Our Service Department here at Mazda of Elk Grove will be happy to inspect your AC unit for you.
  9. Inspect your tires for wear – Look for cracks in the sidewall, gouges, or other visible clues which could cause a blowout. Also, check your tire tread depth by putting a penny in the groove. If it disappears, your tread depth is okay. If not, you may need new tires. Of course, our techs here at Mazda of Elk Grove will be happy to inspect your tires and make recommendations.
  10. Check your tire pressure – Tire pressure changes with the outside temperature. As the temperature gets warmer, the tire pressure increases. Be sure to check your tire pressure when your tires are cold and keep them at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure, which can be found on a label located in the door jam of the driver’s side door. Many of our new 2015 Mazdas feature a tire pressure monitoring system which can automatically alert you if your tire pressure is not up to specs. And don’t forget to check the pressure in your spare, too.

10 Reasons to Buy Your Next Car at Mazda of Elk Grove
As your preferred Mazda dealership in Elk Grove, California; serving the greater Sacramento metro area, Mazda of Elk Grove gives you 10 great reasons why you should shop our Mazda dealership. We call it our “10-Point Value Guarantee.” You’ll call it “amazing.” In addition to our exclusive 10-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty on all new Mazdas, you also get the following benefits:

  1. Every vehicle comes with coupon savings of up to $1,500
  2. Lifetime free car washes as long as you own your car
  3. Receive a complimentary oil change
  4. Pre-owned vehicle value pricing saves you money
  5. 5-day, 500-mile exchange policy on every pre-owned vehicle (see us for details)
  6. Lifetime towing within a 25-mile radius of our service center
  7. Loaner car for major service
  8. Full tank of gas on new vehicle delivery
  9. We’ll buy your used car whether your buy from us or not, within seven days of appraisal
  10. Complimentary 100-point annual inspection.

Stop by our Mazda dealership in Elk Grove today and see just how easy it is to drive away in a beautiful and well-equipped new Mazda this summer with special financing, dealer discounts, and factory incentives. We’re conveniently located in the Elk Grove Automall at 8588 Laguna Grove Drive, Elk Grove, CA 95757. For Sales, please call 877-977-5310. For Parts and Service, please call 877-9774640.

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