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November 10, 2015
by admin

Why Mazda Certified Pre-Owned Cars Are Better

At your preferred St. Louis Mazda new and used car dealer, Lou Fusz Mazda, we believe that driving a Mazda is not only an exhilarating experience, it’s also a great value. This fact is especially true if you are in the market for a certified pre-owned vehicle in St. Louis.

Mazda’s Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Program assures you that you’ll be driving an outstanding “like-new” Mazda that meets Mazda’s stringent standards for quality and craftsmanship.


No ordinary cars will do when it comes to being a Certified Pre-Owned Mazda. In fact, to be certified by Mazda, these vehicles must pass a rigorous 150-point inspection. Every aspect of a Certified Pre-Owned Mazda is gone over by factory-trained Mazda technicians to ensure that every part inside and out meets Mazda’s exacting quality standards. Continue Reading →

October 8, 2015
by admin

The Exhilarating 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata: The Legend Continues.

Legends are larger than life. John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, and Barbra Streisand are three iconic performers who left their indelible mark on the world of entertainment. They were one-of-a-kind originals who achieved legendary status with their unique talents.

In the automotive world, legendary performance takes a back seat to no one. Such is the case with the exhilarating Mazda MX-5 Miata. When the Miata debuted more than a quarter of a century ago, it rekindled an intimate relationship between car and driver that fused the two into one.


Photo Credit: MazdaUSA.com

An Instant Classic

The original Miata channeled the essence of what a two-seat sports car should be. The car is a tribute to some of the world’s great roadsters, like the Triumph Spitfire, Datsun 2000, Alfa Romeo Spider and Lotus Elan. The MX-5 Miata rapidly achieved an almost cult-like status and soon became the weapon of choice on racetracks all around the world. Continue Reading →

September 14, 2015
by admin

Top 7 Myths Of Buying A New Or Used Car

The world has many “urban legends.” Some of the most enduring myths have to do with buying a car. Many people’s preconceived notions or just plain misinformation come from friends or relatives who think they have the key to negotiating a great deal for a new or pre-owned car.

However, the fact is that many of these car buying myths just hinder the process of buying a car. Also, many of the ideas about buying cars that people discuss around the water cooler or at the dinner table are either flat out not true or are simply outdated. The Internet and social media empower shoppers more than ever with the knowledge they need to negotiate the right car at the right price.


Another thing to consider is that it’s in the best interests of most reputable auto dealerships, such as our Mazda dealership here in St. Louis, to give you a good deal. After all, a customer who is dissatisfied can give a dealership a bad rating on Yelp, Google, the Better Business Bureau, or other consumer websites. All it takes is the click of a mouse or a few taps on the keys of a smartphone. Continue Reading →

August 11, 2015
by admin

Review of the All-New 2016 Mazda CX-3

We here at Lou Fusz Mazda, your local dealer of new and used cars in St. Louis, are extremely excited to announce the fall release of the 2016 Mazda CX-3. This stylish compact crossover has auto enthusiasts buzzing with excitement as it blends unique performance with flashy and aggressive style. Featuring the latest and greatest in auto technology, and impressive automated safety features, the CX-3 has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative crossovers of the year.


Immediately upon viewing the CX-3, you will notice that it is not your ordinary crossover. With aggressive exterior styling that resembles more of a sports car than an SUV, the CX-3 sticks out from the crowd as soon as you see it. With its low-riding suspension and compact body, it is clear that this car was made to handle the tightest of turns with ease and pick up steam quickly for a car in its class. With this model, Mazda has blended the practicality of an SUV with all of the fun that comes with your favorite performance cars. Continue Reading →