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Buying a Car vs. Leasing a Car: What’s Right for You?


Life undoubtedly consists of choices, trade-offs, and challenging decisions every day. Whether it is ordering the delectable dessert, or determining between buying or leasing a car, – decisions are inevitable. The good news is if you are feeling torn between the decision to buy or lease a new car, we here at Lou Fusz Mazda, your hometown Mazda Dealership in St. Louis, Missouri, are more than happy to help you.

Attaining a new car is exciting, and Lou Fusz Mazda wants you to be cruising down the highway in a car you love! However, the last step in determining how to finance the new Mazda of your dreams seems to be the trickiest part. For this reason, we put together the following information outlining the key differences between buying and leasing to assist you in making this decision.


It is important to remember that each auto financing option has specific benefits and trade-offs. Therefore, it depends on your individual situation, priorities, and current finances to determine what will work best for you.

When to Buy a New Car

If you’re in the mindset of keeping your vehicle for an extended period of time, then buying a car will be most beneficial for you. When you buy a car, once you fully pay for it, you own it outright, giving you the liberty to customize your car in any way you like, and keep it for as long as you wish. With this, you may also build up equity over time. Also, compared to leasing a car where there is a yearly cap on the mileage you are allowed to drive, there is no limit to how much you can drive your car if you choose to buy it.

Nonetheless, with any positives, there are some negatives when choosing to buy a car. One tradeoff is having to pay a higher upfront monthly payment cost because you are paying for the entire purchase price of the car plus interest and any other charges. A higher down payment is usually required as well.

However, if you value your flexibility and pride of owning a car over these tradeoffs, then buying a car could better suit your lifestyle and priorities.

When to Lease a New Car

Just like buying a car, leasing a car is another great option to consider depending on your particular needs. When you choose an auto lease, you have increased variety because you can drive a new and luxurious vehicle every 2-3 years with no trade-in hassles at the end of the lease. Another great benefit is lower monthly payments and a lower down payment. You also do not have to worry about your car depreciating when you lease it since you are paying to use the new car for a set period of time.

However, it is important to remember that when you lease a car, you do not own the car. Therefore, if you want to keep it for more than 2-3 years, leasing may not be a good option for you. Once your lease is up, you are required to return the car, and either buy a new car or arrange to purchase the remaining amount owed on the lease. Therefore, over time, leasing can result in being more expensive.

When leasing a new car, you must also be more cautious behind the wheel, as  wear-and-tear damages can add up quickly. Other compromises associated with auto leasing include forfeiting the freedom to customize your car and adhering to a pre-set mileage limit. Additionally, there are more terms and contracts to be aware of with a lease because you do not technically own the vehicle. However, these trade-offs are a minor component if you greatly value the benefits involved with leasing a vehicle.

Decision Time at Lou Fusz Mazda

Here at Lou Fusz Mazda, our auto finance experts work diligently to ensure your decision to buy or lease is the right one for your needs.  Regardless of whether you choose to lease or finance your new car, we are here to assist and guide you every step of the way, promising to make the process easy and enjoyable when purchasing your new car.

We have a broad selection of new and used vehicles from which to choose from, along with some incredible new and used car specials to further maximize your savings. We encourage you to come by our showroom at 1025 N Lindbergh Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63132 or give us a call at 314-983-4435 for some fantastic deals on both new and used cars in the St. Louis area.





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