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2015 Back to School Guide for Parents


Starting a new school year can be stressful for both children and parents. The anxiety of new teachers, new classmates, and a new routine can sometimes be overwhelming. But there are a few key things parents can do to help smooth the transition from the freewheeling summer to hitting the books in the fall.

As your hometown Mazda dealership in Lowell, Massachusetts, serving the greater Boston area, we believe in being involved in our local community. That’s why we’re pleased to offer the following helpful Back to School Guide with 12 important tips on how to get the 2015 school year off to a great start.


Meet the Teachers

Establishing a rapport with your child’s new teachers will help build an important bridge between them and your child. Take advantage of your school’s open house or back-to-school nights. Many teachers appreciate phone calls and emails and they encourage a dialogue with parents. If this isn’t possible, look your child’s teacher up on the schools’ website so they can become familiar with them.

Take a School Tour

Open house events are often held on campus to allow children to get used to their new academic surroundings. This is a great time to walk your child to their assigned rooms, show them where their locker is, and explore the playground and cafeteria. This way, they’ll be less likely to face the first day of school with as much anxiety.

Reconnect with Friends

Seeing a familiar face in the hallway or on the playground can go a long way toward making your child feel comfortable as the new school year begins. If you’ve gotten to know some of the parents of your child’s friends from the previous year, take the time to reach out and reestablish those relationships. Suggest playdates or get involved in carpools to expand your parental network.

Get School Supplies Together

Obtain a copy of your school’s class supply list and take your child on a shopping adventure. This will get them involved and give them the opportunity to pick out some cool stuff that will help them feel special. If your child is unfamiliar with some of these items, let them practice with these items at home to get used to using them in class.

Employ Transition Time

Kids need time to transition from play mode to school mode. When it’s time to stop playing, give your child a five-minute heads up, clearly communicating that it’s time to get ready to do their homework or prepare for school.

Get Into the Routine

Children both like and need structure. It makes them feel more secure. Before the school year begins, start establishing your everyday school routine a few days in advance to give your child a chance to adjust. This way, the first few days of school won’t be such a shock for the both of you.

Schedule Doctor & Dentist Appointments

Be proactive about your child’s health. Make sure they are both physically and mentally fit for school with a checkup. This is also the time to review any health information the school provides; especially as it regards vaccines and health information. Also obtain the name and contact information of the school nurse.

Make Copies of Important Paperwork

Start a file for the new school year that includes copies of all the important forms and other information you’ve received from the school. That way you can have it all handy in one place for easy reference.

Update Your Child’s Wardrobe

It’s no secret that children quickly outgrow their clothes, which means they’ll most likely need a new wardrobe for the new academic year. Review and follow your school’s dress code guidelines and be sure to buy some essential items, like sturdy shoes. Also prepare for the change of seasons and talk to your child about dressing appropriately.

Designate a Quiet Study & Homework Space

Set aside a part of your home for doing homework that is quiet and free from distractions; especially the TV. Younger children may require more adult supervision, so picking a place like the dining room or family room will help facilitate interaction when needed.

Allow Extra Time to Get to School

Give your child plenty of time to get ready for school or to catch the bus. Getting up a bit earlier and relaxing into the daily routine will help make things less frantic.

Review Textbooks, Class Materials & Assignments

Knowledge is power, both in the classroom and at home. Be sure to stay on top of your child’s homework assignments and look over their schoolbooks so you have a better understanding of what your child will be learning.

Going back to school can be stressful for both parents and students, but don’t forget the most important tip of all: make learning fun! Be positive and enthusiastic about school and let your child know that you support them 100%.

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