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Lannan Mazda’s Top 13 Home and Auto Spring-Cleaning Tips



With the harsh winter finally in our rear-view mirror, it’s time to haul out your broom, mop, and cleaning supplies and give your home a spring makeover that will make it sparkle.

To help get you organized and on your way for this traditional spring ritual, we here at Lannan Mazda, your preferred Mazda automotive dealership in Lowell, Mass., have put together our “To-Do” list of top spring cleaning tips:

  1. Clean your doormats – Not only does that trampled-on welcome mat offer a warm invitation into your home, it also serves to keep people from tracking dirt and debris into your house. Give it a thorough cleaning so it can keep working effectively.
  2. Clean carpets and upholstery – A winter’s worth of yuck has built up on your carpets and furnishings. Whether you choose to clean them yourself or decide to hire a professional cleaning company, be sure and check that the treatment won’t discolor fabrics. Instead of moving heavy furniture completely out of the way, place the legs on a wax paper square to protect them after shampooing. Open windows and doors to speed up the drying process.
  3. Wash and seal your floors in one step – There are many products on the market which combine a floor cleaner with a protective wax that will save time and energy. Even if your floors are-no wax, it can’t hurt to give them an extra layer of protection. Use a quality wood-floor cleaner before applying a fresh coat of wax. Always follow label directions on proper use of these products.
  4. Don’t overlook walls, cabinets, baseboard, and woodwork – Walls may not look like they are dirty, but they are. The best method is to clean them with inexpensive dishwashing detergent and a sponge. Use two buckets: one for the detergent and the other for rinsing. A sponge mop will help you reach higher spots. Dry with a clean cloth.
  5. Vacuum smartly, not difficultly – You don’t have to lug heavy furniture to get to every corner any more. Instead, move your heavier furniture a bit to the right or left and vacuum the exposed area. This technique will not only save time, it will be easier on your back.
  6. Hit the ceiling – No, we don’t mean getting angry. Rather, we mean using a cloth and a vacuum with a brush attachment to clean ceiling fans and AC/heating vents.
  7. See the light – Improve the lighting in your house by giving all your lighting fixtures a thorough once-over with an all-purpose cleaner, sponge, and polish cloth. For those high, hard-to-reach fixtures or skylights, use a good quality step ladder and have someone there to spot you for extra stability and safety. Additionally, invest in an extended-reach cleaning tool available at most home-improvement stores.
  8. Clean your fridge, inside and out – Once you’ve cleaned out the inside of your refrigerator and thrown away that six-week old yogurt, along with other strangely shriveled food items, you need to pay attention to the condenser coils on the back of the fridge. Too much dust and dirt accumulating on these can result in your condenser overheating and possibly failing. Pull the fridge out a few feet (many new appliances make this easier with casters), vacuum and sweep up all that gross stuff. Your refrigerator will work more efficiently, which means a savings on your power bill.

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t include some extra spring-cleaning tips for your Mazda, such as:

  1. Wash the underbody and engine compartment – winter weather is extremely harsh on vehicles; especially the underbody, where continued exposure to salt, sand, and grime can lead to corrosion and rust. Have your Mazda’s undercarriage professionally power-washed at your local car wash. Or if you’re doing it yourself, use a car jack to raise the vehicle and spray the underside with a hose. Open the hood and use a soft mitt or cloth to wipe your engine with soapy water. Check battery terminals for corrosive buildup and clean with a mixture of baking soda and water applied by a toothbrush.
  2. Thoroughly scrub outside and inside – Your Mazda’s paint really took a beating this winter. So now is the time to hand wax it with a good quality paste or liquid wax. Clean out window channels and brush bottoms of doors to remove accumulated grime. Apply a clear silicone spray to the window channels to keep them operating smoothly. Clean your interior’s floor mats and rugs with a steam cleaner to remove damaging salt buildup.
  3. Replace wiper blades – Windshield wiper blades really get used and abused during the winter months. If they are showing signs of wear and tear like streaking, scraping, or skipping, now is a good time to install a fresh set. Blades should be changed out twice a year; in the spring, and again in the fall.
  4. Inspect your tires – Tires lose air pressure in the cold as rubber contracts, so check tire pressure at least once a month. Also, look for uneven wear and loss of tread. Rotate tires based on manufacturer’s recommendations and get them aligned if necessary.
  5.  Check fluid, antifreeze, and oil levels – Today’s Mazdas have clear reservoirs which make it easy to check your brake fluid, power steering, and windshield washer levels. Always use clean, unopened container if you’re adding brake/power steering fluid yourself. Be sure to check your antifreeze/coolant levels while the engine is cold, not hot. Regularly check your oil and transmission fluids and replace them based on the schedule noted in your Mazda owner’s manual.

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