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The 5 Scariest Haunted Houses near Lynchburg, VA


Are you ready for the fright of your life? Do you dare venture into the dark with nothing but outreached fingers to find your way? Will you cower in fear or stand up to the monstrosities that lurk in the dark? Here are five of the scariest, creepiest, and spookiest Lynchburg haunted houses to make you scream until your voice gives out.

Scariest Lynchburg Haunted Houses

1. Scaremare (2300 Carroll Avenue, Lynchburg, VA)

The final day to experience Lynchburg’s renowned haunted house, Scaremare, is Saturday, October 28th.  Hosted by Liberty University, Scaremare produces goosebumps at every twist and turn. Take the 40-minute journey through the woods, over vine-popping trails, and into the haunted manor. Were those blood-curdling screams you heard? Yep.

Just $10 gets you inside, but you’ll pay far more to get out in one piece! Visit the Scaremare site for more details.

2. Scottsburg House of Horror (3050 Scottsburg Rd, Scottsburg, VA)

Just south of Lynchburg is the fright-filled Scottsburg House of Horror, where terrifying guests in any way possible is their modus operandi. Local residents consider this the haunted house to visit in the entire state, and we won’t fight them on that. If you want a heart-pounding adventure packed with strobe lights, mysterious noises, and disturbingly tight spaces, this is the place.

This local haunted house ends its season run on Halloween night, so bring some friends! Visit their Facebook page for more information.

Harrisonburg VA Haunted House


3. Fear Forest (Oak Shade Road, Harrisonburg, VA)

Your nightmares become reality at Fear Forest. After 12 Halloweens of turning people pale, Fear Forest is back with two amazing haunted attractions in 2017. First, travel through the dark forest and let your ears deceive you as goblins, ghouls, and who-knows-what goes bump in the night. Next, prepare to battle zombies in their Fear Crops corn maze, which includes laser tag, hayrides, and a “The Shining” like feeling that may leave you scrunched up in the fetal position.

Wait times can be excruciating for both haunted activities, but patience is a virtue considering this is one of the best haunted houses near Lynchburg. Get more details and ticket prices at

4. Kreepy Maze of Terror (Shenandoah Hills Campground, Madison, VA)

Take a family trip to Shenandoah Hills Campground, north of Campbell County and Appomattox, VA. That’s where the Kreepy Maze of Terror is, and it’s a frightfully fun time for the family. The forests here are open portals for the demented, the mysterious, the supernatural. Witches brew their wicked stew underneath the canopies. Goblins howl, ghouls laugh maniacally, and bats flutter their leathery wings within feet of you. But you won’t see what transpires in the dead of night—you’ll just hear the scares.

The Kreepy Maze of Terror is suitable for most older kids and is open through October 28th. Learn more at

Radford VA Haunted House


5. St. Albans Sanatorium (6248 University Park Dr, Radford, VA)

This year, St. Albans presents “Mayhem Manor,” a devilish haunted house created to turn you into a weeping mess. Rooms are distressingly designed with fog, strobes, insane doctors, and asylum patients who have a third for blood. You may hear a chainsaw blaring from another portion of the house—or is that a skull saw spinning right beside you? Don’t look—just escape!

This local haunted house extends its nightmarish scares through November 4th, allowing you to explore the grounds post-Halloween. Grab “Line Jump” tickets for $25 at

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