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Top Mazda Safety Features to Love


Mazda believes that a car is more than a piece of metal which is why all of their vehicles feature SKYACTIV Technology. The SKYACTIV Technology’s specialized safety specs and features set Mazda apart from the crowd by creating an exceptionally safe commute for every driver.


Fall in Love with Mazda Safety Features

Mazda’s “Soul of Motion” design quickly reacts to sudden traffic situations in different ways to protect drivers from potential accidents. Although it was not an easy task, Jeff Haas Mazda in Houston, TX decided on their favorite breakthrough safety features. Read on to learn about the perks of each Mazda safety function!


The big idea behind i-ACTIVSENSE is to prevent accidents from occurring. Our favorite i-ACTIVSENSE features include the Adaptive Front-lighting System, Forward Obstruction Warning, and Lane Departure Warning System. It’s better to be proactive than reactive which is why Mazda features dynamic safety features on all of their cars.

The Adaptive Front-lighting System brightens a greater distance ahead compared to ordinary halogen headlights, making visibility at night a whole lot better! Meanwhile, the Forward Obstruction Warning attribute uses millimeter-wave radar to detect vehicles and obstacles ahead. If your car gets too close to an object, the alarm sounds and displays a visual alert. The Lane Departure Warning System acknowledges lane markings on the road and sounds the alarm to warn you of an unintentional lane departure.

2) SKYACTIV Engines

Mazda’s SKYACTIV Engines are proudly known for their astonishing fuel economy. By compressing the air-fuel mixture in the cylinders to a tremendous degree, Mazda squeezes much more energy from every drop of fuel. Thus, getting every last drop of fuel for your hard earned money. Jackpot!


3) Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring

Blind Spot Monitoring helps you remain aware of your surroundings at all times. This feature detects passing cars on both rear sides of the vehicle. When the system notices a car in your blind spots, it displays a solid light in the side mirror that the hazard is on. Meanwhile, if you turn on your blinker in an attempt to switch lanes at a dangerous time, you’ll be alerted of nearby cars with a beep and a flashing light in the side mirror.


SKYACTIV-BODY is designed to protect occupants during a collision. Its design consists of high rigidity and lightness making it inflexible and firm to help achieve top crash safety performance. The unique SKYACTIV-BODY design disperses a significant amount of force throughout the entire framework, rather than receiving the force on only specific sections of the vehicle.

5) Brake Assist & EBD

Keeping your eyes on the road ahead at all times is essential for safe driving, but sometimes unexpected situations pop up. To help with sudden stops, Brake Assist measures the speed at which the brake pedal is pressed and if it detects that not enough pressure is being applied, then the system compensates by applying additional pressure.

Electronic Brake Force Distribution, (EBD), increases the effectiveness of the stop by shortening the stopping distance when there is weight on the rear wheels such as passengers. To increase the brake efficiency, EBD distributes the braking power between the rear and front wheels depending on the load. Thus making it much easier to remain in control.

Safety Comes First at Jeff Haas Mazda

As you can see, Jeff Haas Mazda is extremely impressed with how the latest technology assists Mazda vehicles. These impressive Mazda safety features blow us away! Begin your search at Jeff Haas Mazda in Houston, TX to discover your favorite Mazda safety features!

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