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Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Garage and Your Honda


It’s springtime here in Ocala. The birds are chirping. The sun is shining. The gators are frolicking. (Do gators frolic? We never got close enough to ask.) So it’s that time once again to ponder the question that many Floridians just like you ask themselves this time of year: “How on earth am I going to clean out that unbelievable mess so I can actually park my car in there?”

Let’s face it: Garaging your Honda is the best way to protect it from the elements. But if your garage looks like a UPS truck exploded inside of it, then perhaps you could use some helpful ideas on how to create order out of so much chaos.

That being said, let’s explore some ways you can make your garage the envy of your neighborhood and a place your Honda will love to live in:

1. Take everything out of the garage and sell, donate, or trash what you don’t need – Sometimes it’s difficult to part with certain cherished items. We understand. But, do you really need all of those old National Geographic magazines, your collection of swizzle sticks, and that cracked bird feeder you’ve been meaning to get fixed? When removing items, be sure to safely dispose of any hazardous materials, like old paint or other chemicals.

2. Come up with a plan – Now that you’ve removed a lot of clutter, take a moment to plan where you want to put what’s left over. Having an empty garage will make it much easier for you to visualize where to put everything.

3. Clean it, paint it, scour it – A fresh coat of paint and a good sweeping can do wonders. A like-new-looking garage will help inspire you to keep it clean.

4. Keep things off the floor – Install heavy duty hooks and holders on the wall for brooms, rakes, mops, or anything with a handle. If you’re really ambitious, you can even install ceiling-mounted, drop-down shelving. Consider using pre-made cabinets with doors on them to avoid the temptation of randomly shoving everything onto open metal shelves or wooden bock cases. You’ll also achieve a cleaner, less-cluttered look.

5. Group similar items together – Make it easier for you to find what you need when you need it by putting similar items, like household cleaners, paper towels, canned beverages and garden equipment in the same area.

6. Decide what you really want to use your garage for – Maybe you want to use this new-found space for something other than parking for your car. Perhaps a place to show off your beloved HO-grade model train set, an art studio, or a place to do crafts such as quilting, woodworking, or scrapbooking. You can also divide your garage up into different zones for different tasks.

7. Label it so you can find it – This may take some time, but boy-oh-boy is it worth it. First off, organize everything by investing in some stackable and sturdy banker boxes or clear plastic bins. Then get out that Sharpie and label each box/bin so you can easily grab those ¾-inch screws or last year’s taxes. (If you get too carried away and are tempted to start labeling the dog or your grandkids, please seek professional help.)

See, how easy that was? But wait…there’s more! Now that your garage is tip-top-shape, it’s time we turn our attention to keeping your Honda looking new. These ideas will work for just about any make or model vehicle:

1. Give your engine a makeover– The buildup of grime, dirt, or grease over time can have a negative effect on your engine. Layers of caked-on dirt on the engine block, for example, will make it run hotter than normal. A professional steam cleaning of your engine compartment is the best way to remove all that gunk. Or, many self-service car washes have high-pressure washers which use special cleaning solutions if you want to do it yourself. Tip: Cover electrical parts like the battery and fuse box with plastic prior to blasting the engine with water to avoid shorting anything out.

2. Thrill it with the shining – No, we do not mean the classic Steven King thriller starring Jack Nicholson. Rather, we want you to take a shine to your Honda’s paint job by protecting it with a good quality paste or liquid wax. Another option is to have your Honda professionally detailed at your local car wash. (Tip: our Service Department here at Honda of Ocala carries an assortment of cleaners and polishers especially formulated for your Honda’s finish.)

3. Be a (wiper) blade runner – Yes we know, yet another obscure movie reference. Nevertheless, if your windshield wiper blades are showing signs of wear, like streaking, skipping, or noise, then visit our service department here at Honda of Ocala for a new set. We’ll be happy to install them for you!

4. Where the rubber meets the road – Changes in temperature have a direct impact on tire pressure. So avoid your own version of “Deflate-Gate” by checking your tire pressure on a monthly basis. Also look for signs of uneven tread wear, which may signal the need for an alignment. Pay special attention to any cracks or gouges in the sidewall which could cause a dangerous blowout. Rotate your tires based on manufacturer’s recommendations.

5. Be the chief inspector of fluids – Clear reservoirs for brake, power steering, and windshield washer fluids in today’s Honda models make it easy to check. If you decide to add brake or power steering fluid yourself, be sure and use a clean, unopened container to avoid contamination. Here’s another tip: your antifreeze/coolant levels should only be checked while the engine is cool to avoid possible injury. While we’re on the subject, one of the most important things you can do to keep your Honda running smoothly is to regularly check the oil and transmission fluids. Refer to your owner’s manual for the correct change intervals. Or take your Honda down to our service department where our Honda-certified techs can do it all for you.

We’re cleaning house on our huge Honda inventory
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